Sunday, March 30, 2014

12 Reasons Why PLDT (Home Bro) Is Lame

PLDT Home Bro Bundle Plan 1799

These are all based on experience just this month of March, 2014. I availed of their promo of Plan 1799 with 2Mbps Unlimited Internet plus HP Laptop and Printer last March 1, 2014 at their booth in Session Road, Baguio City during the Panagbenga Festival. I paid Php2000.00 for it.
Here are the lame reasons why availing the PLDT Home Bro was really unfortunate and a big mistake which I regret I would pay for 2 years installment.

  • The canopy they installed was not the small canopy but rather a big canopy which the technician informed was just the same with the small canopy. It was the external canopy and not the small internal canopy.
  • I sent a text message to the PLDT sales agent to follow up the laptop and printer last March 17, 2014 and I received no reply from her.
  • It's been a month already and I still have not receive the free HP Laptop and Printer which are included in their Php1799 promo.
  • We have tried to call them through their PLDT hotlines and it took almost 5 minutes before our call can be answered.
  • We have called them 5 times already and on the first call, they informed me that it was escalated already and a report was made and we need to wait another 7 to 10 days for the result upon receipt of the escalated report.
  • For the second call which was cut because of low battery issues on our phone, it was purely excuses on why there was a delay of delivery.
  • For the third call we have made, they informed us that because of many subscribers who availed the promo, the courier of which they are not kind enough to tell who, was not able to deliver immediately the laptop and printer.
  • For the fourth time we made a call, they informed us that it was reported already and we will just receive a call or text from them but no text or call was received from them.
  • For the fifth time we made a call, they informed us that it was already reported and the billing department will make adjustments because of the delay. How much rebate or the time of arrival was not even assured.
  • Why it was a lame service? Because it is clearly indicated in their Home Bro FAQs that the Laptop and Printer will be delivered within 7-10 days upon successful activation of internet. 
Screenshot of the Delivery Period from PLDT's Website

  • They have an intermittent internet connection. The reason I only availed of this promo was because of the HP Laptop and Printer that was included and not the internet. We have DSL connection which is faster than their HomeBro which they are currently promoting now.
  • As of this writing, March 30, 2014, I received a text message from someone on their sales group informing me about my PLDT Home Bro account number when in fact and as previously mentioned on this list, I inquired to follow up about the laptop and printer last March 17, 2014 and there was no reply and now their reply was only to inform me about my PLDT Home Bro account number of which I already knew.

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