Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another PLDT issue on its Home Bro Laptop

Short alternative title:

How to reset Ubuntu password.

Long Title:

How to reset the "User" account password in PLDT's laptop that was included in your Home Bro 1799 which was delivered very, very late and they did not even include a "User" account password (which only their tech knows of) or any instructions.

If you are browsing your Pictures folder, you can see SCREENSHOT photos of when they have first accessed the laptop before it was delivered. Mine was on March 14, 2014. I got the laptop on May 3, 2014. See the late service? 

Anyway, back to reality. The reality of how to solve the issue.

For new users of the PLDT Home Bro 1799 promo who had received their laptop (very, very late) already (similar to my experience), you will encounter an issue regarding the "User" account while using your Ubuntu system. Ubuntu is the Operating System installed in the HP laptop instead of Windows.

In case you need to update your system or whatever software you need to update like Firefox or even install a new software like VLC (in case you don't want to use the default Rhythmbox Music Player), a password is needed. Chances are, you'll encounter something like this:

Authenticate Pop-up Window
Instead of worrying around whether you need to call (AGAIN) PLDT support which will take longer waiting time, below are the procedures that I did so as not to waste another long distance call to them which costs me a lot already.
  • Turn on your laptop.
  • While turning on, press SHIFT key or ESC key.
  • Choose Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (12.04) by highlighting it using "down" key.
  • Edit the regular boot kernel by pressing "e".
  • Scroll down to the line that contains "ro quiet splash". See image below:
ro quiet splash

  • Delete the "ro quiet splash" by using the "backspace" key then type "rw init=/bin/bash" before $vt_handoff. See image below:
rw init=/bin/bash

  • Press f10 key or ctrl-x. See image below:
f10 or ctrl-x

  • You will then see the root prompt. See image below:
root prompt

  • Type "passwd user" and press Enter.
  • Type your new password and re-type again to confirm. See image below:
password updated successfully

  • After your password has been changed, type sync and press Enter key.
  • Then type reboot -f and press Enter key.
sync and reboot -f

Smile. Congratulate yourself.


Dsweetestsmile02 said...

There is actually a flyer inside the box with the default password. But this also helps.. And yeah, this is so frustrating, to receive the devices so late, and yet it will come to you with Ubuntu OS..which can barely accept all tools I needed for work.

jeb said...

Tried it but did not work for me. I even tried all the possible default passwords used by techies like myself and it did not work. It was also on auto-login so the only way to be able to fully utilize the admin or user account for Ubuntu is to reset the password which I posted here. Now I was able to install the softwares I needed. I also made it dual-boot, that is, two operating systems aside from Ubuntu.

Brylle said...

Hi, I received my laptop but instead of hp, they gave me acer for crying out loud. Can't even understand this linux linpus thing :/ very frustrated.

jeb said...

that's awful. you can do three things, return it to them and instead ask for a replacement (which I think will take you another long wait or they will just say there are no more stocks) because HP is the one indicated in their marketing. second, you can opt to install windows 7 on it (that might void your warranty, if they have). third, you'll just have to adjust yourself in using linpus which is you can just use it for internet, watching movies and using open office as an alternative for Micro$oft 0ffice. (just save the files as .doc or .xls or .ppt so you can view it on Micro$oft 0ffice). i was just wondering why they installed linpus instead of ubuntu or linuxmint which is easier to use (for me).