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12 Women In Rizal's Life Before Bracken

For some historians, there were only 9 women who were known to have a love affair with our national hero whose birthday we celebrate today 19 June. But, there are other historians and sources that indicates more than 9 women. Based on historical documents, these are the 12 "known" women in the life of José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda better known as Jose Rizal, national hero of the Philippines.
  1. JULIA - met at a river in Dampalit, Los Baños, Laguna; first woman to catch Rizal's eyes.
  2. SEGUNDA KATIGBAK - At 16, first love of Jose Rizal from Lipa, Batangas; sister of Rizal's friend, Mariano Katigbak; close friend of Olympia, Rizal's sister; already engaged to Manuel Luz; considered puppy love of Jose Rizal.
  3. MISS L - (some sources: MARGARITA ALMEDA GOMEZ and some sources: JACINTA (some sources, VICENTA) YBARDALOZA - From Pakil, Laguna; after several visits, Jose Rizal stopped pursuing her because of Segunda's sweet memories and his father was against her family.
  4. LEONOR VALENZUELAaka Orang. As a sophomore student at the University of Santo Tomas, Jose Rizal sent love letters in invisible ink made from a mixture of water and table salt that can be read by heating over a lamp or a candle to allow the words to surface; neighbor of Jose Rizal in Intramuros; daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela; an elegant and graceful, tall girl from Pagsanjan, Laguna.
  5. LEONOR RIVERA - aka Taimis. As a third year student at the University of Santo Tomas; longest love for 11 years although others say 8; Rizal's cousin from Camiling, Tarlac; Leonor's mother disapproved Rizal who was known to be a filibustero and kept all of Rizal's letters for Leonor while he was away, and was persuaded to marry the English Engineer, Charles Henry Kipping; Leonor Rivera was the inspiration for the Maria Clara character in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. 
  6. CONSUELO ORTIGA Y REY (some sources: Y PEREZ) - As a student at the Universidad Central de Madrid in 1882; daughter of former Civil Governor (City Mayor) of Manila, Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey; Jose Rizal did not pursue for two reasons because he was still engaged to Leonor Rivera at that time and he did not want to ruin his friendship with Eduardo de Lete who also had an affection with the girl.
  7. O-SEI SAN KIYO - aka Seiko Usui. At Azabu district, Tokyo, Japan in 1888; ; a Japanese samurai’s daughter; Jose Rizal was her first love; taught Jose Rizal the Japanese art of painting "Su-mie"; also helped in improving his language.
  8. GERTRUDE BECKETT - aka Gettie. At London, Paris in May 1888; eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Beckett; a buxom young lady with blue eyes and brown hair; fell in love with Rizal; he gave her a carving which he made in memory of their short relationship.
  9. ADELINA BOUSTEAD - As a guest in Villa Eliada, winter residence of Boustead family in Biarritz in 1891; sister of Nellie Boustead, daughter of Mr. Eduardo Boustead in Biarritz.
  10. NELLIE (some sources: NELLY) BOUSTEAD -  the prettier and younger daughter of Mr. Eduardo Boustead; Rizal's marriage proposal failed because he did not want to convert to Protestantism and Nelly's mother did not approve of Rizal, as she had no desire to entrust her daughter to a man who was wanting in wealth and  persecuted in his own country.
  11. SUZANNE JACOBY (some sources: SUSANNE JACOBE) - At Brussels, Belgium in January 1888; niece of his landlord; fell in love with Rizal and wept when he left for Madrid in July 1890.
  12. PASTORA NECESARIO CARREON - aka Inday Torak. At Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte where Jose Rizal was exiled.
After these 12 women, JOSEPHINE LEOPOLDINE BRACKEN - last love of Jose Rizal; adopted daughter of George Taufer from HongKong, married to Jose Rizal (disputed by most historians).  Lived together and in early 1896 they were expecting a baby.  Unfortunately, Josephine had to go into premature labor after Rizal played a prank and frightened her. (?) A little boy of eight months was born, who lived for only three hours. Rizal named him Francisco in honor of his father, and buried the child in Dapitan.


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