Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Manila 443rd Anniversary

It is holiday in the City of Manila today. A special non-working holiday based on Proclamanation No. 766 to commemorate the city's 443rd founding anniversary.

Below are Manila's ten-point agenda, vision and mission curated from the city's official website.

  • 1st Agenda: Job Creation and Livelihood Opportunities - additional work and employment.
  • 2nd Agenda: Peace and Order - programs against criminal activities.
  • 3rd Agenda: Education - widening and development of educational programs.
  • 4th Agenda: Economy - Markets, Seaport and Tourism - strengthening of business in the market, port area and tourism industry.
  • 5th Agenda: Housing and Settlement - develop housing programs in Manila.
  • 6th Agenda: Women and Child Protection; Special Program for Senior Citizens - programs for women, children and senior citizens.
  • 7th Agenda - Transparent Tax Collection and Public Expenditure - public awareness regarding tax collection and the city's expenses.
  • 8th Agenda - Health - Stop HIV/AIDS and TB - prevention and stoppage in the spread of human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and tuberculosis.
  • 9th Agenda - Environment - Clean and Green Spaces/Solid Waste Management - programs for a clean and green environment.
  • 10th Agenda - Disaster Risk Reduction Management - Emergency Response Action Program (Erap) for floods, typhoons, fires and earthquakes.
  • Vision - We see Manila as the premier city of the Philippines, mindful of its glorious past and conscious of its exciting future.
  • Mission - Our mission is to raise the bar on good government, set the pace in social services, empower the poor, forment discipline and order, invite investments, embark on relevant climate change adaptation programs, and in every respect foster an environment fertile for human and institutional development.


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