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UPCAT 2014

UPCAT at UP Diliman on 16-17 August 2014.

The UPCAT (UP College Admission Test) is a three and a half hour examination consisting of subtests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics and science. The language used in the UPCAT is English and Filipino.
  1. GMA News anchor Jessica Soho - "Review very well. Read the questions carefully. Sharpen your pencils (and your mind ). Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you."
  2. GMA Network's "News To Go" anchor and "i-Witness" host Kara David - "Huwag na silang mag-aral one day before the UPCAT para clear lang 'yung mind nila. Don't be careless in answering the questions. 'Pag hindi alam, wag manghula. Just skip and move on the next question. Magdala ng maraming pencil. Mahaba ang oras. Huwag magmamadali."
  3. Joseph Morong, a reporter and anchor for GMA News - "Tell yourself 'if it's for you, it is for you.' Less pressure." 
  4. Visual artist Ferdie Cacnio, who graduated from the Diliman campus with degrees in B.S. Psychology and B.S. Civil Engineering - "Relax nalang. Don't skip breakfast. Don't drink too much water, sayang time for bathroom breaks. Save partying for after UPCAT. Drink multivitamins or an energy drink or coffee para di antukin. Don't hesitate, trust your gut feel. And pray pala muna to involve Him from above."
  5. Save Philippine Seas co-founder Anna Oposa, the first Filipino and youngest recipient of the Future for Nature Award in the Netherlands in 2012 - "Go early because you might get lost finding your test venue! Don't drink too much water before and during the test because you won't be allowed to keep going to the restroom. Bring an umbrella. It could rain and you don't want to get stranded in your test venue. The UPCAT is not the only measure of your intelligence, so don't think that your future depends on this test"
  6. Up-and-coming musician Migi de Belen, who also goes by the name Nights of Rizal - "Statistically, it's better to make an educated guess than to leave an item blank. Research shows that test-makers like to put correct answers in letters B or C. Answer all easy items first. Lahat naman sila tig-1 point eh, so if you're stuck on a question, move on and get back to it later."
  7. Ayvi Alcain finished BA Mass Communication (Journalism) in UP Baguio in 2003. She worked as an Information Officer at the Philippine National Volunteer Service Agency after college. She migrated to Edmonton, Alberta Canada in 2008 and currently works as a Registered Nurse at University of Alberta Hospital. - "It all started with taking the UPCAT, and passing it. To everyone taking the test this year, I wish you luck. If you have to give up weekends to study for it, do so. The sacrifices will be all worth it."
  8. Angel Britanico was once a chubby-cheeked high school senior who covered her eyes with both hands when she saw the Oblation for the first time. She graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman in 2013 and passed the entrance examination for the UP College of Law and the Ateneo Law School that same year. Six years after her UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), Angel is now a chubby-cheeked, 21-year-old marketer by profession and wordsmith by passion. - “Whatever the outcome of the exam may be, all that you are and all that you know is so much more than an exam score.”
  9. Amer R. Amor is an UPCAT Regional Examiner and a faculty member of the University of the Philippines in Baguio. - "Memorize your UPCAT Identification Number. You will be asked to write these numbers more than once during the exam. In most cases, your Identification Number becomes your Student Number when you pass the UPCAT, and your student number becomes your life at the university. You carry it with you until you take graduate and postgraduate studies in the university. You actually carry it for life. So if you believe in the Law of Attraction and while it is a long time till UPCAT results are released February next year, own these numbers now."
  10. Mark Canlas who has almost ten years of experience as an economist and has worked with the National Economic Development Authority, the Senate of the Philippines, and the British Embassy of the Philippines. He currently works in one of the top three biggest banks in the country. He also owns Excel Reviews, a chain of  UPCAT and college review centers, and is a popular lecturer. - "Guessing your answers in the UPCAT makes for a small but still positive contribution on your UPCAT score. Your test score is computed based on the following formula:  number of your right answers minus 25% of your number of wrong answers. There’s a computation here (which I won’t get into) but basically, assuming you do nothing but guess your answers, you’ll statistically get one point for every sixteen random guesses you make. So leave no blanks then!"
  11. Arlyn Palisoc Romualdo said in an article posted on the UP System website. - "(D)o not even attempt to cheat. In fact, do not even think about trying to cheat, unless you want to say goodbye to the UPCAT and your chance to study in UP."
  12. jen of - "Be prepared the night before the exam. Get enough rest. Don't forget your permit and all requirements for the examination. Bring extra pens and pencils."


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