Tuesday, November 18, 2014

12 Thoughts From An Unexpected Visit

We had an unexpected visit from a missionary today, 18 November 2014, in our office. She was Sister Lilia Gonzales-Pre, a lay missionary who encourages everyone to have a deep devotion to the Divine Mercy.

She did an spiritual talk to us and we did enjoyed, learned and had an spiritual enlightenment and spiritual healing. There are some things I have learned and tried to remembered during her very simple yet profound talk.


For most people, yagit means mahirap. To God, most of us are YAGIT. People don't want to be yagit or experience being yagit. People do not want to be in pain, to be hurt or to be poor. Ayaw ng taong maging mahirap o mahirapan.

Then she expounded on these letters. These are included on the 12 things that caught my attention.

  1. Y - Yabang | "alisin ang yabang" People who are boastful have this motto: "I know everything and they do nothing."
  2. A - Api | "okay lang ang inaapi dahil kakampi mo ang Diyos". Vengeance is God's alone.
  3. G - Galit | "alisin ang galit dahil ang galit ang kadalasang pinagmumulang ng sakit"
  4. I - Inggit | "huwag maiinggit dahil ito ay nagdudulot ng galit lalo na sa mga gustong maging pangit."
  5. T - Tapang | "huwag masyadong matapang dahil maraming namamatay sa sobrang katapangan lalo kung wala sa lugar" "pwede mo ring sabihin kapag hinahamon ka ng ganito:"hindi ako katalo, pero malapit ka na (while pointing your hand to the ground which figuratively means that you are closer to the demon or the devil's act is upon you)
  6. T - (another meaning of T) Takaw | "huwag maging matakaw"
  7. Ka - Kakuriputan | "huwag pairalin ang kakuriputan at pati ang sarili ay pinagdadamutan pa o pinagkakaitan pa ang sarili"
  8. Love your parents. Mahalin mo ang iyong mga magulang.
  9. Love your parents-in-law too because without them you will never knew your wife or husband whom you are loving. Isampit mo na rin ang iyong mga biyenan dahil kung hindi dahil sa kanila hindi mo mapapangasawa ang iyong asawa na iyong minamahal. 
  10. Give money to your parents. Bigyan mo ng pera ang iyong mga magulang. Do not go home with free hand. Always bring or buy something even small to your parents. 
  11. Magpatawad. Kapatawaran. Forgive. Learn to forgive.
  12. Bayaran mo (na) ang iyong mga utang. Pay your debts (already). "Eh wala pa naman akong pambayad." If there's a will, there's a way. Kailangang bayaran mo ang mga utang mo dahil ang perang inutang mo ay pinaghirapan din ng taong inutangan mo. Ang taong walang utang, deretso kung maglakad. Ang taong may utang, paliko-liko kung maglakad dahil kapag nakita na ang pinagkaka-utangan sa kanan, iwas sa kaliwa at kapag sa kaliwa naman nakita, iwas naman sa kanan. Mahirap mamatay ng may mga utang. 
Sister Lilia also mentioned that she had a vision two days before a tsunami and earthquake devastated parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other places.

Later, on her closing remarks and after the "healing" part, she told us to always pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary by praying the Rosary every day. We should also pray to the Holy Spirit for spiritual guidance and enlightenment. Also, we need to pray to the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph because he is the patron of the dying.

She also recommended to attend 9 consecutive First Friday Masses starting December 5.

In return for this spiritual talk, I bought a copy of her CD to aid her in her missionary works in my own little way. 

Front of the CD
Back of the CD
Note: For spiritual talk, healing and counseling: Please contact Sis. Lilia Pre
Mobile No. 09198413544

I tried to search for a few references in the internet about her and I only found one.

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