Wednesday, April 8, 2015

12 Things You Needed For A Simple Workout

For a regular workout, these are 12 common things we, the12list authors, have for a simple workout. These are uploaded in no particular order.

Jump rope, for warming up, even if you are not an expert, you should try using this.
Yoga mat, (not for the dog hahaha) but for simple sit-ups, some yoga stuff, planks and other mat workouts that you need to include in your workout.
Treadmill for running inside if you were not able to run outside. Good alternative for endurance and stamina training.
Dumbbells for strength training and for muscle toning. Even women need to use a pair of dumbbells with lesser weights.
Pilates ball for additional workout variations. Plus, the dog (if you have one), for training your patience level because surely your dog will mess with you while you are training. (hahaha)
LPG tank, for additional weight and power training, you can use one so that when an emergency of running out of gas, you can carry an 11-kilogram LPG tank easily and replace an empty LPG tank.
Sturdy bench or any stable chair which you can use for step exercises which are good for training your legs.
Stairs which is a good replacement training area for uphill and downhill running which you need to include in you running exercises.
Drinking water which you need for exercise intervals.
Non Fat milk can help you maintain a good weight instead of skim milk.
Whey protein for proper growth and muscle repair. Also good for supplying high-quality protein for women when losing body fat depending on your body type.
A good old cassette player, radio, laptop, desktop, ipod, mobile phones, mp3 players, and other type of music player that can produce music for motivating you to do more in your workout. 


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