Thursday, May 14, 2015

Email From UNICEF Help Nepal Now

URGENT: On May 12, a second earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal--a country still reeling from a 7.9 earthquake that claimed over 8,000 lives.
Dear Joseph,
The first quake last April 25 affected 7 million people--1.7 million of them are children in need of urgent assistance. As search and rescue operations unfold in the aftermath of the second earthquake, UNICEF will be assessing in the coming days how many more children need to be reached and provided with critical aid. We have been working around the clock to deliver more life-saving supplies to children since the first earthquake hit—which include tents, safe drinking water, hygiene kits, medical supplies, toilets, and more. You can still help.

The post above was part of an email I received today. I posted it here so that others can help. Click the link below to read or you can click the title above and donate to help Nepal earthquake victims

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