Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shakey's Pizza Online Order

  1. My Love was craving for pizza and I was too.
  2. Registered at 
  3. Tried ordering online using my Shakey's Supercard
  4. At 5:27 PM, I ordered Friday Special Hand-Tossed - LARGE 11" with my choice of FREE Garlic N Cheese and Coke Zero XL which cost a total of P600.00 or six hundred pesos
  5. Paid the order using Visa credit card.
  6. Received an Order Notification email from Shakeys Online Ordering <> at 5:28PM
  7. Received another Notification text message from Shakey's Online at 5:40PM (+639988416191)
  8. Called (02) 77-777 to confirm and follow-up my order which I have already paid online using credit card.
  9. Received a phone call thru my mobile phone from Shakey's Manila at 6:07PM (09237374528)
  10. I was informed that the order will be delivered after 45 minutes and it will be coordinated with Shakey's Kisad branch in Baguio.
  11. Around 6:03PM, upon logging in at I was able to see my order in the Transaction History of my username with Asiapay as the mode of payment.
  12. Around 7:12PM, I personally received the pizza while texting the delivery rider the directions because upon arrival, he told me that he kinda mixed up Old Site to New Site.

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