Thursday, April 26, 2018

12 Essential Web Browser Extensions

These are 12 of the web browser extensions that I found useful in all my personal-related and work-related online stuff.
  1. Google Docs Offline - This is a useful extension for the Google Docs application so that you can literally use your documents offline and then re-sync afterward.
  2. Currency Converter - This is a useful extension to easily convert different currencies which you can add and remove if you want to know specific currencies only.
  3. SimilarWeb - This is an extension that is used to monitor rankings of website traffic and analyze it for other online purposes.
  4. Grammarly - This is a useful extension for correct grammar usage for your writings.
  5. Google Keep - This is a very useful tool especially if you want to just save specific website and keep a note on it.
  6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer - This is a tool used for analyzing backlinks on your websites.
  7. Open Multiple URLs  - This is a useful tool if you want to open multiple websites simultaneously.
  8. Alexa Traffic Rank - This is a tool used for analyzing traffic rankings for your website.
  9. One-Click Translate Page - This is useful for Firefox user who wants to translate websites that uses a foreign language as their primary language.
  10. Swift Selection Search - This is a useful Firefox extension to easily search specific highlighted words using your favorite search engines.
  11. Ghostery Privacy Ad Blocker - This is a Firefox extension designed for privacy protection.
  12. Hunter - This is a useful extension that you can use to find email addresses on websites.


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