Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finally,'s Own Domain & Other Updates

Goodbye weebly. Hello blogger.

  1. Withdrawn from personal account and loaded prepaid mastercard online.
    ikkyo, bi-eyed siberian husky
    Ikkyo, bi-eyed Siberian Husky
  2. Successfully loaded BPI ePrepaid MasterCard.
  3. Successfully bought's own domain at
  4. Transferred to using's own domain and redirecting and to
  5. Copied persistently all posts from
  6. Deleted Reasons: 1) Sometimes loads slowly. 2) Needs $4 per month to connect or use own domain.
  7. Registering coincided with our dog's 10-month birthday. His name is Ikkyo, a bi-eyed Siberian Husky.
  8. Bought Go Natural dog food (temporarily) for Ikkyo. Since Orijen is out of stock from our supplier, we opted to buy an alternative.
  9. Preparation for the BCEMS 2 18K run tomorrow, April 6, 2014. 
  10. PLDT Home Bro: No text, call or any update from them regarding the delivery of the HP laptop and printer which are included in their Plan 1799 promo.
  11. I was able to follow up last April 1, 2014 about the status of my HP laptop and printer and I was informed by the lady customer service in PLDT Session Road in Baguio City that I was the 5th complainant for this service. Unfortunately, the only answer I got was that she would email it (to whomever) and will be updated "for delivery already". Coincidentally or incidentally, it was April Fools' Day when I inquired about the status of the devices which until now, April 5, 2014, I have not received. 
  12. Fortunately, I was able to capture a photo of the PLDT spiel for subscribers (including the author) that will follow up regarding the status of their HP laptops and printers. Below is the picture taken: 

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