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Some July Celebrations in the Philippines

July, aside from being declared as "Nutrition Month" (As mandated by the National Nutrition Council (NNC)) and "National Disaster Consciousness Month" (The National Disaster Consciousness Month celebration every July is mandated by virtue of Executive Order No. 137 dated August 10, 1999 in line with preparedness in facing calamities and disasters happening in every part of the country.), this post lists 12 festivals and holidays celebrated during the month of July in the Philippines.

  1. July 1 - Davao Region Day | (Davao) A day commemorating the creation of the three Davao provinces from then a "single" Davao province, now Davao Region. This regular public holiday applies to the provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur and Davao Oriental only.
  2. July 1 - Maramag Day | (Municipality of Maramag, Bukidnon) A day commemorating the recognition of Maramag, Bukidnon as a municipality by virtue of Executive Order 272, which was signed by President Carlos P. Garcia on July 1, 1956. This special non-working holiday applies only to the municipality of Maramag.
  3. July 1 - Tagbilaran City Charter Day | (Tagbilaran City, Bohol) A day commemorating the creation of the City of Tagbilaran by virtue of Republic Act No. 4660 on July 1, 1966. This special non-working holiday applies only to Tagbilaran City.
  4. July 2 - Pasig Foundation Day | (Pasig City, Metro Manila) This special non-working holiday applies to Pasig City only. Remembers the founding of the city in 1573.
  5. July 5–8 - Kahumayan Festival | (Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte) The feast that is celebrated by Kapatagueños in honor of the staple that has enriched in thousands of lives particularly in Kapatagan Valley, Lanao del Norte. 
  6. July 18 - T'nalak Festival | (South Cotabato) The T’nalak festivalival is an annual celebration that commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the dynamic South Cotabato province amidst the dual presence of tradition and progress.
  7. July 22 - Bohol Day | (Bohol) A day commemorating the creation of the Province of Bohol by virtue of Act 2711 on 10 March 1917. This special non-working holiday applies only to the whole Province of Bohol.
  8. July 23 - Apolinario Mabini Day | (Tanauan, Batangas) This special working holiday applies to Tanauan, Batangas only.
  9. July 23 - Batangas City Day or Batangas City Foundation Day | (Batangas City, Batangas) | This special non-working holiday applies to Batangas City in commemoration to its founding.
  10. July 25 (and December 25) - Paaway sa Kabayo (Horsefight) | (Tanjay, Negros Oriental) | An exciting, thrilling and oftentimes bloody fight among studs for supremacy over a female horse. More than 100 horses have been trained solely for this twice a year event. This is a part of Sinulog de Tanjay or Saulog de Tanjay feast in Negros Oriental in honor of their patron saint, St. James the Greater. Paaway sa Kabayo can be witnessed every 25th of July and December.
  11. July 27 - Iglesia ni Cristo' Day' | In keeping with Republic Act No. 9645, which was signed on June 12, 2009, July 27 was designated a special national working holiday every year since 2009, in honour of the foundation of the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1914.[10] The INC is the largest indigenous Christian church in Asia.
  12. July 27 - Pantaleon "Leon Kilat" Villegas Day  | (Carcar, Cebu) Pantaleón Villegas y Soldi (July 27, 1873 – April 8, 1898) was the military leader who started the revolution Tres de Abril Revolt (April 3, 1898) in Cebu. He also led revolutionary groups in Panay and Negros Islands against the Spaniards. Leon Kilat was very popular for his valor and lightning speed thus the name Kilat amongst his fellow Cebuanos. He was also known for his amulets which gave his fellow Katipuneros courage in fighting the Spaniards. 

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