Sunday, October 12, 2014

12th Candidate Miss World Philippines 2014

Candidate No. 12 of Miss World Philippines 2014
  1. Her full name is Christine Ramos Balaguer.
  2. Her hometown is Boracay, Aklan.
  3. Her height is 5'6" and she is 24 years old when she joined Miss World Philippines 2014.
  4. She was one of the Top 13 semifinalists in the Miss World Philippines 2014.
  5. She won the Special Award of Miss Friendship, tying up with Candidate No. 6, Kristine Angeli Estoque.
  6. She is a successful fashion model with Elites Model Management.
  7. Tin-tin loves to swim, jog and ride her bicycle. 
  8. The last marathon she joined was a 42-km distance run. 
  9. She also plays football.
  10. She is a member of the RCP Sea Dragons (Dragon Boat team)
  11. She is deaf.
  12. Her advocacy is to be a role model for disabled and deaf people like her by being an inspiration to them and boosting their confidence and also show them that they can achieve everything in life if they believe that they can, despite their disabilities.

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