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12 Lavender Companion Plants


The Best Companion Plants for Lavender

1. Echinacea

Echinacea and lavender make a great pairing, and not just because they look stunning next to each other.

They both thrive in very similar conditions, growing best between USDA Zones 3 and 9. Echinaceas, also known as Cone Flowers, need just as much sun and even less water than lavender. They’re considered to be more drought tolerant than their potential partner, so your watering patterns won’t need to change too much.

Just like lavender, echinacea requires soil that drains well to produce its purple blooms. In summer, if you decide to pair these together, you’ll have a stunning purple and lilac display in your garden.

2. Roses

Lavender and roses are a classic, pretty pairing. Shrub roses and floribunda rose varieties are prime choices as companion plants for lavender.

Roses do well in most conditions (USDA Zone 2 – 11), depending on the variety you choose. Rose bushes thrive in loamy, well-draining soil. Leave a good amount of space between the two plants though, as roses are a bit thirstier than lavender, needing water at least twice a week.

3. Yarrow

Yarrow is a perennial that makes a great partner for lavender. Interestingly, it falls under a group of hardy plants that thrive in poor soil.

This pretty plant is often considered a weed because it overgrows and spreads almost uncontrollably when planted in nutrient-rich soils. Soil on the sandier side that drains well aids in controlling this growth.

Full sun is necessary for a healthy yarrow plant, so planting it alongside your lavender won’t be an issue. Further, the pairing will do wonders for the colors in your garden. Yarrow’s small yellow flowers will complement the soft purple of lavender when they bloom in late summer.

4. Sedum

For a companion plant that’ll look great with your lavenders, consider upright sedum (Stone Crop). You can’t go wrong pairing its various colors – including red, white, and pink – with your lavender.

This border plant thrives in full sun and requires sandy, rocky soil that drains exceptionally well. Sedum can grow in USDA Zones 3 through to 10 and is just as low maintenance as lavender. It requires water at least once a week to keep the soil slightly moist.

Full sun is a must, but it will tolerate some shade. If there is a shady spot close to your lavender that needs filling, sedum is the perfect option. Sedum flowers bloom in summer and fall, continuing the spectacle in your garden when the lavender season ends.

5. Alliums

If landscaping is a passion, then pairing alliums with lavender is ideal. Allium’s tall bulbs complement the short lavender blooms beautifully. This is another drought-tolerant plant that does well in Zones 4-8.

Alliums and lavender can be paired together along borders or in pots, creating interesting height variations. Both need full sun, little water, and sandy soil – you won’t have to worry about planting them in the same beds or pots.  

6. African Daisy

African Daisies have the same basic attributes as the common daisies we all know and love. However, they are more unique, with vibrant coloring (some varieties are even bi-colored) that looks almost hand-dyed.

They make great companion plants for lavenders as they thrive in similar conditions (USDA 9-11) and require very little care. They need full sun, well-draining soil, and some water once a week.

This pretty flower blooms throughout spring, summer, and fall, keeping your garden bright, even during lavender’s off-season. You can’t go wrong with this simple, yet stunning companion plant for your lavender.

7. Zinnia

A truly hardy annual to consider are zinnias. Zinnias have a full spectrum of flower colors to choose from. Whether you opt for pink, white, red, or lavender purple, you can be sure that they’ll look great alongside your lavenders.

Not only that, but they’ll thrive alongside lavender too. Not fearing humidity or heat and loving full sun and soil on the dry side, you can be sure that zinnias will make a great companion for your lavender.

8. Gaillardia

Gaillardia, also known as the Blanket Flower, is another daisy-like flower sure to look great in your garden with lavender. The burnt reds, oranges, and yellows of these blooms bring life to subdued hues of lavender, creating an interesting color spectrum in your garden.

They love full sun and aren’t too fussed about soil, as long as it drains well. Blooming annually throughout summer and fall, you won’t be disappointed adding gaillardias to your lavender beds.

9. Rosemary

Rosemary and lavender are another classic pair. Both have roots in the rocky hillsides of the Mediterranean and enjoy climates on the warm side. If you’re looking to expand your herb garden that already has well-established lavender, Rosemary is one of your best options.

This herb grows best in Zones 9 to 11 and needs just as much sun and water as lavender. Both can be planted together as a pair of companion plants to benefit the rest of your garden. Rosemary and lavender attract a variety of pollinators and deter rabbits and deer.

Note that rosemary is not as cold tolerant as lavender, so if you live in a cooler climate, another companion may be necessary.

10. Thyme

For a cold-hardy option, thyme is your go-to. Originating in the Mediterranean, it thrives in sandy, dry soil, and hot climates, just like lavender and rosemary. Its hardiness zones are 5 through 9, so it’s not as temperature-sensitive as rosemary.

The herb becomes dormant when the first frost hits, but if you manage to protect it, thyme can survive the winter. If colder weather is not a concern, thyme does extremely well when planted near lavender, enjoying the full sun and the occasional watering.

The pair complement each other in looks too. Thyme makes a cute ground covering plant with its paler purple flowers that will look great alongside your lavender patch.

11. Sage

Sage is another herb that thrives in conditions that lavender favors. No matter the variety, sage will thrive in hot climates, sandy, well-draining soil with little water or fuss.

Sage grows best in Zones 5-11. Thyme, sage, and lavender make a great group for planting together, especially in pots or containers. This herb has several purposes, from culinary to medicinal. Even better, it looks fantastic as a decorative border plant.

12. Oregano

Increasing the spice in your life is important. So is adding multipurpose plants and herbs to your garden. By planting oregano, you get two benefits in one.

While it has fantastic uses in the kitchen, this delicious herb can be used as a companion plant, not just for lavender, but for a variety of other plants. Oregano is easy to care for, ideal as a ground cover or an edging plant. It does well in some shade, but largely loves the sun and thrives in dry soil.

If lavender isn’t drawing as many bees as you’d like, oregano is your answer. No matter your need or purpose, lavender and oregano make a great pairing for your garden.

What Not to Plant With Lavender

1. Mint

While we’re on the topic of herbs, let’s chat about one that just won’t do near your lavender – mint.

Mint is unsurprisingly a popular herb to grow. It grows easily, has many benefits and uses, and it smells great. Further, it’s quite a hardy little herb, with various varieties enjoying cold and hot climates. Mint generally does best in USDA zones 3-11.

Unfortunately, though, mint’s needs are incompatible with those of lavender. Mint needs rich, moist soil, completely opposed to that of lavender. While it can’t stand soggy soil, mint is extremely thirsty and requires plenty of water to flourish – much more than your lavender will stand.

2. Camellias

There are many flowers that may have the potential to look fantastic with lavender. Camellias are one of them. These peony-like flowers can bloom in so many beautiful colors – red, white, pink, and yellow to name but a few.

In an arrangement, they complement lavender stunningly. Unfortunately, like mint, their needs are far too incompatible.

Camellias grow best in Zones 7 to 9, matching that of lavender. However, the main issues are the camellia’s light and water needs. This flowering shrub won’t enjoy the six hours of direct sunlight lavender needs, and it needs plenty of water to keep the soil constantly moist.

3. Hostas

A favorite easy-going perennial with stunning foliage is the hosta. Hostas can grow across many climates and aren’t too particular about temperature or humidity. They can thrive in USDA Zones 3 all the way through to 11.

Hosta’s foliage is sought after – one of the main reasons they’re added to gardens. This shrub-like perennial is easy to care for, needing very little water and rich but well-draining soil. Its flowers and foliage may look great with your lavender too.

However, the pair sadly can’t grow together, even though it seems like they should. Hosta’s survive best in shade or dappled light – full sun is a definite no-go.

4. Impatiens

Impatiens are beautiful flowering perennials guaranteed to spruce up your garden. The brightly colored flowers and easy-to-care-for nature make this a highly sought-after plant across the world.

You may be hoping to surround your lavender with impatiens’ stunning pinks, whites, deep purples, and reds, yellow, and coral. And it’s sure to make a statement in your garden. But, while both need well-draining soil, that’s where their similarities end.

Impatiens need shade – light to full shade – to thrive. They are also quite sensitive to higher temperatures, needing plenty of water in warmer months and areas.


12 Lavender Companion Plants (& 4 Plants To Grow Nowhere Near)

Saturday, November 12, 2022

12 Best Ginger Companion Plants


Here are some of the best companion plants to grow with ginger:

1. Chili Peppers

Chili pepper is relatively easy to grow. Its leaves thrive in the sun, while its roots prefer moist soil.

The two plants are mutually beneficial since chili peppers shade ginger, while ginger repels pests and also shades pepper roots.

Benefits provided: Offers shade

Mature size: 5 to 12 feet

Popular varieties: Chinese chili, Capsicum annum, C. baccatum, and C. pubescens

2. Turmeric

Like ginger, turmeric is a spicy root. Both plants have the same growth requirements. Turmeric and ginger greatly complement each other and amplify each other’s benefits.

Benefits provided: Strengthens ginger’s benefits, great for planting in limited areas, needs the same soil type as ginger

Mature size: Up to 3 to 4 feet

Popular varieties: White turmeric and yellow turmeric

3. Peas

Peas are annual legumes. They’re delicious and healthy vegetables that you’ll definitely benefit from growing. Plus, they make a great companion plant for ginger.

They’re climbing plants, which means they’ll grow to whatever size you desire. All you need is to provide adequate support.

Benefits provided: Enrich the soil with nutrients, provide shade

Mature size: Bush peas can grow to 30 inches, while pole peas can grow as tall as 6 feet

Popular varieties: Snap peas, snow peas, and pigeon peas

4. Beans

Like peas, beans are great legumes to grow. They’re known to fix nitrogen levels in the soil, making for awesome companion plants.

Beans have big leaves that will shade ginger against any harsh sun. You can also “customize” their size as they’re climbing plants.

Benefits provided: Provide shade, regulate nitrogen levels in the soil

Mature size: Anywhere from 2 to 13 feet

Popular varieties: Lima, navy, pinto, and kidney

5. Cilantro

Cilantro, along with ginger, is a popular ingredient in many dishes.

Better yet, it doesn’t require a lot of special care. It has different varieties, each with its distinct taste. In addition, its white flowers can brighten up any garden.

Benefits provided: Provides shade, easy to grow

Mature size: Up to 2 feet

Popular varieties: Culantro, leaf cilantro, and Mexican coriander

6. Garlic

Garlic doesn’t take up much space in your garden. It’s also highly compatible with ginger.

Plus, they both work well together in countless recipes, so it makes sense to grow them next to each other!

Benefits provided: Repels many pests and fungal diseases, enhances ginger’s aroma

Mature size: 1 to 3 feet

Popular varieties: Soft neck garlic and hard neck garlic

7. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are garden essentials. Plus, planting them next to ginger is a fool-proof way to ensure both plants flourish.

They’re highly similar to chili peppers. So, if you want a tasty but less spicy vegetable, bell peppers are the way to go.

Benefits provided: Provide shade, compliment the taste of ginger

Mature size: 3 to 6 feet in height

Popular varieties: California Wonder, Baron, and Candy apple

8. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a great herb to use in soups and all seafood dishes. So, it’s no wonder how complementary and useful it is to grow next to ginger.

Benefits provided: Provides shade, has the same growing requirements as ginger

Mature size: Up to 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide

Popular varieties: Ornamental lemongrass and Indian lemongrass

9. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums make excellent companion plants. They look great in your garden while aiding the growth of plants next to them.

Nasturtiums are ground cover plants that can trap any insects that might be harmful to your garden.

Benefits provided: Provide shade, protect companion plants from insects

Mature size: Up to 1 to 3 feet tall, almost 18 inches wide

Popular varieties: Whirlybird and Monk’s Cress

10. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are essential in every garden, not to mention that they’re a breeze to grow. 

In addition, pests love to feed on leafy greens. So, planting them next to ginger offers a good level of protection.  Not only that, but leafy greens also take little space in your garden.

Benefits provided: Provide shade, enrich the soil with nutrients, protect nearby plants from pests

Mature size: No more than 12 inches tall

Popular varieties: Kale, spinach, and lettuce

11. Hibiscus

Not only is hibiscus a vibrant addition to your garden, but the plant is also an excellent medicinal supplement. It can grow as a companion to many other plants, including ginger.

You can’t go wrong with a hibiscus shrub. It attracts a lot of beautiful butterflies to your garden, making it a sight to behold.

Benefits provided: Provides shade, brings color to your yard

Mature size: From 3 to 7 feet tall

Popular varieties: Tropical hibiscus, Rose Mallow, and hardy hibiscus

12. Fruit Trees

Who doesn’t want to have fruit growing in their garden? Not only will fruit trees give you that, but they can also be great companion plants for ginger.

These shady canopies can take up a lot of space, so you’ll definitely benefit by planting ginger next to them to utilize the free root space. 

Benefits provided: Provide partial shade

Mature size: Up to 25 feet tall

Popular varieties: Apple, lemon, cherry, and fig trees


12 Best Ginger Companion Plants + Easy Planting Guide

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

12 Sweet Potato Companion Plants

1. Spinach: Spinach acts as an effective cover plant, making for one of the best companion plants.

2. Garlic: Garlic wards off pests with its potent aroma.

3. Root vegetables: Horseradish is a root vegetable with pest-resistant qualities. Radishes boost pest resistance and repel flea beetles. Turnips, parsnips, and beets also operate similarly.

4. Bush beans: Bush beans are legumes that may increase your sweet potato yield.

5. Pole beans: Pole beans can help boost nitrogen absorption.

6. Peas: Peas may help sweet potatoes absorb nitrogen.

7. Basil: Basil repels damaging hornworms and flies.

8. Herbs: Thyme is an herb that attracts hoverflies, which eat destructive aphids. Dill, chives, borage, summer savory, and oregano also make good companion plants for sweet potato vines. Plant these aromatic herbs nearby to ward off the destructive sweet potato weevil.

9. Alyssum: Sweet alyssum flowers serve as a ground cover plant while also attracting beneficial insects like wasps.

10. Yarrow: Yarrow attracts pollinators to your garden.

11. Nasturtium: These bright orange flowers are excellent at repelling the Colorado potato beetle.

12. Marigold: Marigolds are effective at repelling many sweet potato pests that can destroy the plant’s root system.


Monday, September 12, 2022

12 Best Kiddie Savings Accounts in the Philippines


  • BDO Junior Savers
  • BPI Jumpstart
  • Equicom Kiddie Builders Savings Account
  • Security Bank Junior One Account
  • China Bank Savings Easi-Save For Kids
  • EastWest Bank Kiddie Savings
  • PSBank Kiddie and Teen Savers
  • Sterling Bank of Asia Neo Savings Account
  • Metrobank Fun Savers Club
  • RCBC Wise Savings Account
  • UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings
  • Maybank Yippie Savings Account 

Friday, August 12, 2022

La Vie en Rose - 12 Movie Scenes Where It Sounds


"La vie en rose" is the song that made Edith Piaf internationally known. Her success crossed generations and has endured through different voices and versions that the cinema has collected in some of its unforgettable scenes.

00:10 Fred Claus (2007)

00:22 View From The Top (2003)

00:35 Sabrina (1954)

00:50 Something's Gotta Give (2003)

01:04 A Star is Born (2018)

01:25 Noches de Casablanca (1963)

01:39 French Kiss (1995)

01:49 La Môme (2007)

02:01 Love me If You Dare (2003)

02:10 The Other Woman (2014)

02:25 The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

02:41 Wall-e (2008)


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

12 Actions You Do When You Finally Get Infected with Covid-19


12 Actions You Do When You Finally Get Infected with Covid-19 

Jerome Espinosa Baladad (author and brother)

I am sharing what I did when I was infected with the Covid-19 virus. Keep in mind, that there are already many viruses called “Covid” and we are not much bothered with infections from them. It is the Covid-19 virus and its transformations that give those of us who were infected by the horrible experiences we probably have heard about from others. The experience will be different for each person.

  1. Be thankful you’re vaccinated and boosted. That is if you really are. Or else, the next step is to PRAY that you survive it if you’re not vaccinated. I know at least two who were infected, one even 3x already, and yet, they won’t choose to be vaccinated. No matter what.
  2. Take plenty of liquids, water works best. I took plenty of water all day long, I had to deal with going to the bathroom constantly to pee, though.
  3. Take Tylenol, which I did to manage my extreme headaches from the virus. They’re not the same as my headaches due to my eye troubles. I didn’t have fevers but the headaches were so bad. The Tylenol would work to a certain extent. But there were still fleeting headaches in the background. And I would forget the most usual things I would do when I wasn’t sick yet. It feels like you’re brain was getting roasted.
  4. Be ready to use plenty of boxes of tissues to clean all the liquids from your nose. I had a bad case of cold when infected with the virus. I would also cough a lot, I thought my mouth was so ready to give up.
  5. Open room windows and allow fresh air to circulate. Much of the virus is really airborne, which apparently we admitted only lately, and so helps the viruses go away from where you are located.
  6. Minimize panic among your network of contacts. Don’t announce it to everyone. They don’t wanna know about your infection. But do reach out to those others whom you engaged with physically. They have to be aware they may have been infected. Even if they are not exhibiting symptoms.
  7. Eat well and rest well. Although both can be a struggle, realistically speaking. Just try to sleep more. The relief you will have will sustain you for the next few days.
  8. Count the days you’re actually infected. Mine was 5 days. I was actually exhibiting the symptoms by day 5 after I was told by my friend who informed me he was infected and that he suspected he must have infected me too.
  9. Choose and decide if you want to verify if you’re really infected. This depends on your location. If you’re able to get tested, then you’re in luck. I did and was able to get results in less than 48 hours via online means.
  10. Avoid feelings of despair. It could be worse, for all you know. I even went out to eat my favourite foods after I was told by my sick friend that he probably infected me with the virus.
  11. Wear your mask when you are with groups and crowds, use a fresh one every time. I had to take the subway and would wear my mask that would cover my mouth and nose.
  12. Be open to learning more about this disease. It may become endemic, who knows? I did, mostly by reading materials from specialists. Don’t take my word on this but it will be on you if you stop learning more deeply about it. It’s a really terrible inconvenience. We know it’s worst, especially for those with other diseases.

Hope this gives some value out there. Thank you.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

12 New Senators in the Philippines and the Rest of the Winners After May 2022 Elections

 12 new Senators have been officially proclaimed last 18 May 2022.

  1. Robin Padilla (first-time lawmaker, actor) 26,612,434 votes
  2. Loren Legarda (former Antique Representative, former Senator) 24,264,979 votes
  3. Raffy Tulfo (first-time lawmaker, broadcaster) 23,396,954 votes
  4. Sherwin Gatchalian (Reelectionist senatorial candidate) 20,535,261 votes
  5. Chiz Escudero (former Sorsogon Governor, former Senator) 20,271,458 votes
  6. Mark Villar (first-time member of the Upper House, former DPWH Secretary in the Duterte Administration, former Las Piñas Representative) 19,475,592 votes
  7. Alan Peter Cayetano (former House Speaker, former Senator) 19,295,314 votes
  8. Miguel Zubiri (Reelectionist senatorial candidate) 18,734,336 votes
  9. Joel Villanueva (Reelectionist senatorial candidate) 18,486,034 votes
  10. JV Ejercito (former Senator) 15,841,858 votes
  11. Risa Hontiveros (Reelectionist senatorial candidate, lone opposition winner) 15,420,807 votes
  12. Jinggoy Estrada (former Senator) 15,108,220 votes
Meanwhile, the new Party-List Groups are:
  1. ACT-CIS - Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support Partylist
  2. 1-Rider - Ang Buklod ng mga Motorista ng Pilipinas (lit.'Union of Motorists of the Philippines'). 1-Rider Partylist intends to represent motorists and their rights in the Congress. The organization's platform includes improving road safety and protecting motorists from abusive traffic enforcers. 
  3. Tingog - Tingog Sinirangan (lit. 'Voice of the East'), also known as the Tingog Party List. Tingog was established in October 2, 2012 as Tingog Leytehon, a provincial political party based in Leyte province. The Tingog Party List aims to represent the interest of Eastern Visayans. Although it bills itself as an organization which provides a "regional perspective on national issues". It focuses on issues affecting the countryside or rural areas in general. "Tingog" came from the Waray word for "voice".
  4. 4Ps - The Pagtibayin at Palaguin ang Pangkabuhayang Pilipino (lit.'Strenghten and Grow the Filipino Livelihood'), also known as the 4Ps Party-list. The organization's key platform include the amendment of the 4Ps Law (Republic Act No. 11310) to enhance the program for beneficiaries.
  5. Ako Bicol - Ako Bicol Political Party (AKB) represents the Bicol Region and the Bicolano people. AKB started as a non-government organization under the name "SOS Bicol," which provided rescue aid to residents in the Bicol region after Typhoon Reming (Durian) hit; it also sponsored livelihood programs for residents affected by the 2009 eruption of the Mayon Volcano.
  6. Sagip - a partylist that represents the urban poor.

And, the new President and Vice-President of the Philippines are:
  1. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.
  2. Sara "Inday" Duterte


Thursday, May 12, 2022

12 Powerful Ways To Heal Your Anahata


1. Meditation

As soon as you feel an imbalance in your Anahata, first of all, you should turn to meditation, which will help you to restore the correct flow of energy in your heart.

Meditation is a very personal experience, and everyone should understand what works best for him. However, there are several recommendations that are suitable for almost everyone.

For meditation, use comfortable clothes, and try to find a time and a place where no one will bother you. Even if it’s a five-minute break when kids play a video game, it’s better than no time for meditation!

If you don’t know how to start your meditative practice you may want to try meditations for beginners.

2. Color therapy

The green color can be a great tool for your heart chakra healing since the green color is associated with Anahata.

Include green color in your meditation and daily life. Add green clothes to your wardrobe, wear green jewelry. Do not forget to strive for balance, but do not overdo it. Plants are a great way to add greens to your workspace.

3. Mantra therapy

Mantras are a good way for reinforcing your aspirations. They are simple and help to focus on the most important. Mantra for Anahata is “YAM”. By singing this syllable, you not only physically heal your heart but also spiritually (emotionally) by opening yourself to unconditional love and compassion. You can repeat this syllable aloud or in your mind during meditation.

You can also use special love mantras for your heart chakra healing.

4. Affirmations
Since heart energy imbalance is often associated with self-esteem problems, it may be useful for you to practice affirmations that enhance the positive energy associated with Anahata.

Examples of affirmations you can use for your heart chakra healing:

“I love myself and accept myself completely»
“I’m open to love”
“I love myself”
“I forgive myself”
“I am loved”
“I radiate love and people around me feel it”
“I live in balance, in a state of grace and gratitude”

5. Music Healing

It’s not a secret that music has great healing power, and perhaps this is because it touches the strings of the human soul so much. Including music into your meditations, you will enhance its positive effect. You can also listen to love mantras and even include mantra music into your meditations.

6. Ritual Baths For Heart Chakra Healing

Ritual baths are not only a very effective, but probably one of the most pleasant ways to heal your Anahata chakra. All the details of this magical procedure and all the instructions you can find in my article “Ritual Baths For Chakra Balancing”.

7. Visualization

While you are meditating, visualize how a loving, healing light enters you through your crown chakra and moves down to your heart. Imagine how love and light fill every dark corner of your heart. Visualize how your heart is filling up with love, and how all the negativity is disappearing. You will see great results if you do this visualization every day for just a few minutes!

8. Hugs, Cuddling, and Touches

Physical touch helps to open your heart chakra. Try to give your partner or family members as many hugs as possible. If you don’t have a partner you can take massage sessions or reiki healing sessions.

9. Intimacy

Open yourself up to intimacy. Many people who give up relationships because of fears usually have a blocked heart chakra. Some people fear the loss of freedom, others – the loss of love. They avoid contact. But for your heart chakra healing, you need to allow yourself to experience love!

10. Forgiveness

Awaken compassion through forgiveness. It is essential for your heart chakra healing. Forgiveness does not mean that you should ignore or forget that people hurt you. Forgiveness means only that you release your emotional burden about this memory. Kindness will help you forgive the one who has wronged you and heal your emotional wounds. Don’t forget to forgive yourself as well!

11. Radiating Love

When you meditate, send love to everyone you know: to the people you love, hate, fear, avoid, the ones you know and the ones you may be accidentally seen just once in your life. Visualize how you’re radiating love and your love is healing everything and everyone around you. It’s a very powerful transformational and healing meditation!

12. Thoughts Control

Choose the direction of your thoughts. Every time when you catch yourself on a negative thought, tell yourself: “STOP!”. Replace that negative thought with a positive one immediately! This approach requires time, consistency, and discipline but it creates a habit of thinking about yourself in a positive, loving way!


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Top 12 Greatest PBA Heavyweights


  1. Kevin Ramas - Fermin Alberto Ramas, better known as Kevin Ramas is a former PBA player for more than twelve years. He has played for Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs, San Miguel Beermen, Pepsi Mega and Alaska Milkmen. Ramas played for the Mapua Cardinals in the NCAA where he was part of the senior's championship conquest in 1990. Born: October 30, 1967, in Manila, Philippines. College: Mapúa University Intramuros.
  2. Joel Dualan - Joel Dualan is a Filipino former player and coach who previously coaching PCU Dolphins in the NCAA. He is formerly played for Shell Turbo Chargers in the PBA and for Olongapo Volunteers in the MetroBall. He was nicknamed The Refrigerator and El Aparador due to being compared to a cabinet because he’s that big. Born: August 23, 1972, in Quezon City, Philippines. College: University of Manila.
  3. Wilmer Ong - HE wasn't as popular as, say, Bal David or Noli Locsin or Vince Hizon. But to die-hard Ginebra fans, Wilmer Ong best represents the Ginebra players of the Robert Jaworski era because, like the team’s charismatic leader, he never once backed down from battle. Ong was also the quintessential Ginebra bruiser - the last in a long line of Ginebra tough guys that also included Rudy Distrito, Dante Gonzalgo, Sonny Cabatu, Chito Loyzaga, Terry Saldana, the late Rey Cuenco, and, of course, Jaworski himself. It’s his kind that, most Ginebra fans feel, this modern-day Kings obviously lack – Dave Marcelo comes to mind, but he doesn't really come close. Although if you ask these bruisers, they'll tell you they played tough but not rough, physical but not dirty. Born: September 20, 1970, in Cadiz, Negros Occidental, Philippines. College: University of St. La Salle.
  4. Cris Bolado - Bolado played for the National University Bulldogs during his college years. He was selected by Alaska in the second round of the 1994 PBA draft. Listed at 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m), Bolado tied Dong Polistico of the San Miguel Beermen as the second tallest player in the league at that time. He became part of the Alaska Milkmen's 1996 Grand Slam team and in terms of finals stints, Bolado was one of the most successful in the PBA, making it to the championship series for ten straight times - from Alaska, Purefoods, and Gordon's Gin. In 1999, he was in his fourth PBA team with Pop Cola and then was traded to San Miguel Beermen where he became a member of two more championships. Bolado won a total of 11 titles in the league and retired in 2003. Bolado moved to Cambodia with his wife in 2013. There he worked as a basketball coach in an international school in Phnom Penh. He also managed Inasal Nation, a Filipino restaurant. He died in a motorcycle accident on September 17, 2017, at age 47 in Phnom Penh. Born: October 25, 1969, in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines. College: National University.
  5. Ken Bono - Karl Kenneth Odani Bono is a Filipino basketball player who last played for the TNT KaTropa of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).He played collegiate basketball for the Adamson Soaring Falcons in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) from 2003 to 2006 and was named the league's Most Valuable Player in his final season before being selected sixth overall by the Alaska Aces in the 2007 PBA draft. In the Philippine Basketball League (PBL), Bono played for Montaña Pawnshop and Cebuana Lhuillier. In his last conference in the PBL, he was the MVP frontrunner but lost the award to Jayson Castro of Harbour Centre due to lack of media votes. He also played for the Bangkok Cobras in the ASEAN Basketball League. Born: June 19, 1984, in Iloilo City, Philippines. College: Adamson University.
  6. Bonel Balingit - Bonel P. Balingit (born November 30, 1967), also known as The Gentle Giant and Man-Mountain, is a Filipino retired professional basketball player who played as a center. The hulking Bonel played for the University of the Visayas and then joined Magnolia Ice Cream in the PBL. He turn pro in 1992 and was drafted in the second round and 11th overall by the Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs in the 1992 PBA draft. Easily one of the most popular cager on the Swift roster who can draw cheers from the fans, Balingit spent all of his first seven PBA seasons with the RFM franchise and was handled by coaches Yeng Guiao, Derrick Pumaren and Norman Black. He was part of the ballclub's four championships from 1992-1995 and won Most Improved Player honors in the 1995 PBA season. Balingit moved to the Metropolitan Basketball Association beginning the 1999 season and played for the San Juan Knights. He returned to the PBA in 2001, playing for Tanduay Rhum Masters and have suited up for Purefoods TJ Hotdogs in his final playing career. Born: November 30, 1967, in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines. College: University of the Visayas.
  7. JR Quinahan - Joseph Ronald "J. R." Quiñahan is a Filipino professional basketball player for the NLEX Road Warriors of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Dubbed "Baby Shaq" in the Philippine Basketball League where he played for the Granny Goose team because of his physical resemblance to the former Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal. He was drafted in the first round of the 2007 PBA Draft by the Alaska Aces. He was then traded to the Air21 Express before the 2008–2009 season started. He had a short stint with the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters before finding his way back again to Air21. He played college basketball for the University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers, winning the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) men's basketball title in each of his 5 years with UV, as well as winning two MVP awards in 2003 and 2004. Born: May 8, 1984, in Cebu City, Philippines. College: University of the Visayas.
  8. Beau Belga - Beau Michael Vincent Esparrago Belga is a Filipino professional basketball player for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters of the Philippine Basketball Association. He is also an assistant coach for the UST Growling Tigers of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). He was the seventh overall draft pick by Purefoods in 2008 before being traded to Burger King. He found his niche as a basketball player while playing for coach Yeng Guiao's Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, where he was known as one of the league's toughest players. While with Rain or Shine, he also became teammates with J.R. Quiñahan, and together they formed a duo in the low block, called the Extra Rice, Inc., owing to their weight and huge appetite. Born: November 30, 1986, in Gubat, Sorsogon, Philippines. College: Philippine Christian University.
  9. Noli Locsin - Luis Manuel B. Locsin, better known as Noli Locsin, is a Filipino retired professional basketball player. Dubbed as "The Tank", he is best known for his playing years with the Ginebra San Miguel franchise in the Philippine Basketball Association. Locsin played for the RP Youth team in 1990 before suiting up for back-to-back UAAP titlist De La Salle Green Archers. He had a brief stint with Triple-V Foodmasters in the Philippine Basketball League prior to its disbandment and then played for Nikon Electric Fan which completed a cinderella finish in the PBL. When 6-9 Marlou Aquino, the most sought-after rookie, was out of the picture in the 1994 PBA draft, Ginebra, now renamed Tondeña 65, and the team that will pick first in the amateur draft, went for the next best option in Noli Locsin, a burly 6-3 power forward who can barrel his way into the toughest walls of the defenders. He showed the Tondeña ballclub that it made the right choice when he emerged as the team's leading scorer and the league's leading local rebounder with his rookie season averages of 18.5 points, 8.8 rebounds, 2.9 assists in 34.9 minutes. His stats are not enough through as Tondeña's struggles continued, winning just 12 of their 32 games in the 1994 season. Playing for player-coach Robert Jaworski's "never-say-die" system, he flourished playing power forward while being undersized at only 6-3 without being able to develop outside shooting. A consistent low post threat, Locsin closed the size gap with his strength and skill although he began to fade out as soon as he parted ways with Jaworski. Before the arrival of Fil-Ams in the PBA, Locsin was considered one of the top bruisers of his time in a time when it was rare for a Filipino player with his bulk to move as quick and leap as he did. Locsin was then traded to Pop Cola in the mid-season in 1999 for Vergel Meneses. He drifted to other PBA teams such as Tanduay and Red Bull before retiring. Born: October 19, 1971, in Bacolod, Philippines. College: De La Salle University.
  10. Bong Hawkins - Rene "Bong" Hawkins Jr. is a Filipino retired professional basketball player of the Philippine Basketball Association. He is the son of character actor Rene Hawkins, Sr. A power forward with the good sense of timing inside the shaded area, Bong was drafted as the second overall pick in the 1991 PBA draft. The former Perpetual Help cager was chosen by Presto coach Jimmy Mariano when the Tivolis traded Manny Victorino to Pepsi. Hawkins twisted his knee during practice and was forced to sit out in the entire first conference. He finally debut in Tivoli Milk uniform at the All-Filipino Conference and asserted his might. In 1993, he was absorbed by newcomer Sta. Lucia Realtors, which took over the disbanded Presto franchise. Bong played one conference as a Realtor before being traded to Alaska Milkmen for Paul Alvarez beginning the 1993 PBA Commissioner's Cup. After the 2005-06 PBA season, he retired and worked for Tim Cone as one of his assistant coaches. During the 25th Anniversary of Alaska last September 27, 2010, his number 16 was retired along with Johnny's number 14. He is currently on the coaching staff for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons Men's Basketball Team. Born: November 6, 1967, in Manila, Philippines. College: University of Perpetual Help System DALTA.
  11. Chito Loyzaga - Joaquín "Chito" Cuerva Loyzaga is a Filipino former professional basketball player and basketball commissioner. He is currently the Athletics Director of the NU Bulldogs in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. He played for the San Beda College in the NCAA before going on to play in the Philippine Basketball Association. In the PBA, Loyzaga played one game for YCO-Tanduay, then migrated to Australia for two years. He came back to play for Toyota in 1983. After Toyota disbanded, Loyzaga moved to Great Taste, where he became part of the team's dynasty of four straight championships. In 1986, he was shipped to Ginebra San Miguel, where he spent all of his last eight seasons in the PBA, winning three championships. A seven-time recipient of the Philippine Basketball Association All-Defensive Team award from 1985 to 1992, Loyzaga made a name for himself as a straight-up defensive stopper, using his heft and quick hands to guard the league's best big men, including the great Ramon Fernandez, and later, Alvin Patrimonio. He retired from basketball after the 1993 PBA season. Loyzaga also played for the Philippines men's national basketball team in the 1990 Asian Games where he distinguished himself by helping limit North Korean center Ri Myung Hun despite a height discrepancy of over a foot and a half between them. Loyzaga is the son of Philippine basketball great Carlos Loyzaga and Vicky Cuerva. He and brother Joey Loyzaga became one of the few siblings to have played in the PBA, eventually playing together with Ginebra San Miguel. Loyzaga is married to Maritoni Yulo, with whom he has three children, namely: Celina, Jose Joaquin, and Cecilia. In 2002, Loyzaga became the fourth commissioner of the Metropolitan Basketball Association. He was also a commissioner and executive director of the Philippine Sports Commission from 2010 to 2012. Born: August 28, 1958, in Manila, Philippines. College: San Beda College.
  12. Nelson Asaytono - Nelson Asaytono is a Filipino retired professional basketball player who played for Purefoods, Swift/Sunkist/Pop Cola, San Miguel Beer, and Red Bull in the PBA during his 17-year career. Asaytono's second stint Pop Cola was a forgettable one, as he started to slow down as he was still at the bench. He spent his last four seasons with the Red Bull Barako until the 2005-06 season. On April 7, 2005, he passed Crispa great Philip Cezar for the fifth spot all-time scoring list after tallying with 17 points on 6-of-9 shooting. Currently, he is fifth in the PBA all-time scoring list with 12,268 total points in 796 career games, behind only Ramon Fernandez, Abet Guidaben, Alvin Patrimonio and Atoy Co. Born: January 25, 1967, in San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. College: University of Manila.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

12 Common Mistakes When Changing Your Own Oil


Source: Jeep Doctor PH

  1. You don’t prepare for your oil change.
    1. At quick change oil shops, everything needed to complete an oil change is within an arm’s reach from the bottom of your vehicle’s engine.  Walking wastes time, and for them time is money. When you’re changing your own oil, time may not be money.  But wasting time finding tools or parts isn’t efficient.  Have everything collected and ready to go when you’re ready to get started.
  2. You didn’t warm your engine.
    1. Oil doesn’t flow well when it’s cold.  Draining oil out of a cold engine takes a long time.  In addition to waiting around for the oil to drain, you’re not going to get some out that would have drained out if it was warm.  Start your vehicle and allow it to run for 5 or 10 minutes until it is close to normal operating temperature.  If you need something to do while you wait, collect your tools and parts (see missed item #1).
  3. You drop the oil drain plug into the drain pan.
    1. This one is pretty easy to do, especially if the drain plug is hot.  A lot of times it’s not a matter of the temperature being too much, but the plug is small and hard to keep a solid grip on.  The easiest way to keep a handle on the drain plug is to keep slight pressure pushing it into the drain pan as you’re threading it out of the pan. When you get to the last thread on the plug, you’ll feel it become loose and can then easily pull it away when you’re ready to drain the oil.
  4. You overtighten the oil drain plug.
    1. There is always a question of how tight is just right, but not too much. You never want the drain plug too loose as losing the drain plug and leaving your oil along the interstate isn’t fun. The best advice on the drain plug is to tighten it finger tight where the gasket touches the drain pan surface, then roughly a quarter turn on the drain plug. If you have a service manual for your vehicle, follow the torque specification for the drain plug per your manufacturer recommended torque.
  5. You didn’t replace the drain plug gasket.
    1. The type of gasket used on your vehicle oil pan drain plug may be a single use only, or reusable type. If your gasket is a thicker plastic, it may be reusable and you don’t have to replace it every time you change the oil. More manufacturers are choosing to use a copper washer or gasket that deforms when you tighten the drain plug. These copper washers are not designed to be reused, and they should be replaced at every oil change. They are usually inexpensive, and you can find them online or at your local auto parts store when you buy your AMSOIL and EA filter.
  6. You decided not to replace the oil filter.
    1. If you’ve ever felt the weight of a filter fresh out of the box, and one that has been cycled for thousands of miles, you know that the filter does an amazing job at screening contaminants and slush out of your engine. Saving a few dollars by not changing the filter could be one of the worst mistakes on this whole list. The filter keeps your engine oil clean and flowing through your engine offering maximum protection. Don’t change your engine oil without changing your filter, and only replace the filter with something quality like an AMSOIL EA Filter.
  7. You left the old filter gasket behind when you took the engine oil filter off.
    1. This mistake is more common than you may realize. The rubber gasket on the filter can create a bond between the mounting surface and the gasket over time. When the filter is removed, the gasket can stay attached to the engine, and may cause a leak if you put a new oil filter on with two gaskets (the old and the new). It’s easy to visually check the filter when you remove it from the engine, and then you’ll know if they gasket is still on the engine or not. Also check that your filter has a new gasket. It sounds odd, but they can come off in the box during shipping on a rare occasion. Putting on two gaskets will cause as much of a leak as no gasket at all.
  8. You forgot to lube the new filter gasket.
    1. When you spin the new filter on, the gasket contacts the engine surface first. The goal is to continue tightening the oil filter with a little more rotation, and a dry gasket tends to ripple or tear causing a small leak. You can simply dip your finger in a bottle of new engine oil to lightly cover the gasket in fresh oil.
  9. You under or over-tightened the oil filter.
    1. Tightening the oil filter is a lot times like the story of Goldilocks. The filter should not be too loose, too tight, but just about right. How do you know when you’re there? The easiest way to remember when to stop tightening is when the filter gasket makes contact with the engine surface to only turn one-quarter to one-half more rotation. Not tightening enough will allow a small leak to occur. Overtightening may or may not leak. You may not see a leak, but an over-tightened filter will be a bear to take off at the next oil change.
  10. You added the wrong viscosity oil to your engine
    1. Your engine is designed with certain bearing clearances and oil passage sizes that required a specific engine oil viscosity. If your vehicle manufacturer suggests a 5W30 oil, that means you should probably choose a 5W30 weight oil unless you know the reason to change to another viscosity. Choosing a different viscosity may change how well the oil protects your engine. Stick with what the manufacturer recommends, and for heaven sakes doesn’t add diesel engine oil in place of gasoline engine oil. Don’t ask. That’s a completely different story…
  11. You added the wrong quantity of oil for your vehicle.
    1. Adding the wrong quantity is thankfully an easy remedy if you catch it quickly.  By adding too little oil, your engine will run hot as it’s not getting enough protection.  If run long enough, it may cause the engine to fail. Adding the correct amount is an easy way to remedy this situation.  Likewise, adding too much means you just need to drain out some of the oil via the drain plug. That may be easier written than done, but you can allow a little out at a time and check the level until correct for your engine.
    2. Always remember that once you have added engine oil back into the engine, you want to run the engine for a couple minutes to check that the engine does have oil pressure on the gauge in the instrument cluster, and you don’t find any leaks from the drain plug or new oil filter. If everything looks good, turn the vehicle off and allow the engine oil to drain back down into the pan. That may 5-10 minutes. One last time, check the level of the engine oil now that it has filled the new oil filter full of fresh AMSOIL engine oil, and adjusted the final oil level accordingly.
  12. You forgot to reinstall the engine oil fill cap.
    1. It only takes a split second to be distracted and forget to put the oil fill cap back on. We heard a story of a first timer forgetting the cap on a brand new car. By the time they had realized their mistake, the complete engine bay was covered in oil. The hood insulation was dripping with oil, and it had worked its way into every far corner of the engine area. This is one simple mistake that can add hours of cleaning to your future, not to mention having to add extra oil back in to replace what was splashed out.

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12 K-Dramas From 2021 For Your Watch List


Source: Happiness (2021) Official Teaser | K-Drama Trailer | 해피니스 | Park Hyung Sik, Han Hyo Joo

  1. “Happiness”
    1. “Happiness” stars Park Hyung Sik as Jung Yi Hyun, a detective, and Han Hyo Joo as a tactical agent of the Gyeonggi Police Station. The two were classmates in high school and end up in an apocalyptic situation with people getting infected be a virus that turns them into zombie-like creatures. The two are fighting for their lives and others.
    2. This series stirred quite the buzz as it was Park Hyung Sik’s return to the small screen post military. It had a rather large following of fans who couldn’t help but ship the OTP and their very believable chemistry. Seeing Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo standing side-by-side, fighting to survive in this apocalypse-like story, gave us butterflies. We can only hope that the two will reunite in a future project because they were perfect together!
  2. “Squid Game”
    1. The series that took the world by storm, “Squid Game” is a story about 456 participants who engage in a series of children’s games in hopes of winning 40 million dollars. Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon, and Wi Ha Joon star in this drama about players who fight to the death in order to win the prize money.
    2. It’s really no question that “Squid Game” is listed as one of the best of 2021. The series was able to entertain the world with its unique storyline and impeccable acting. The series evokes disgust, empathy, and curiosity, which is why it remains as one of the most-watched series in the world. There are also several actors who rose to fame as a result of their flawless performances!
  3. “My Name”
    1. Yoo Ji Woo (Han So Hee) has grown up with a mobster as a father. When he gets brutally murdered, she becomes a police officer in order to figure out who in the police department was responsible for her father’s death.
    2. There was nothing better than seeing Han So Hee’s complete transformation into the ruthless and tough Yoo Ji Woo. She starred in another series titled “Nevertheless” several months prior, so it was a complete surprise to see her in such a contrasting role. In “My Name,” Ji Woo is a warrior who is fighting off dozens of men and doing it in a way that is so badass. She definitely earned the title of being one of the best actresses this year!
  4. “Hellbound”
    1. From the same legendary director who brought us “Train to Busan,” Yeon Sang Ho took on the project “Hellbound” which involves a world where humans are fighting a supernatural phenomenon. Emissaries from hell condemn people to hell, and a cult that is led by Jung Jin Soo (Yoo Ah In) is trying to find out the reason for this phenomenon.
    2. The previews and trailers could never have prepared viewers for what was to come for this series. What almost seemed like a horror/thriller ended up being a series that has a deeper message, touching on humanity and what it means to be human in society. The acting is impeccable, and we could expect nothing less of Yoo Ah In as well as the amazing supporting cast!
  5. “The Red Sleeve”
    1. Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a historical K-drama that tells the story of an emperor named Yi San (Lee Junho) who falls in love with the court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young). Despite their differences in class and status, the two engage in a deep romance while trying to fight for their nation.
    2. It may seem like a standard star-crossed lovers themed storyline, but there’s something about this particular series that really tugs at the heartstrings. The romantic scenes, lines, gazes, and gestures are not at all cheesy but convey a level of depth that is very heart-fluttering. Seeing how much the emperor is so deeply in love with his court lady despite not knowing her feelings for him is heartwrenchingly beautiful and worth watching.
  6. “One the Woman”
    1. Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon star in “One the Woman,” which is about a corrupt prosecutor who gets amnesia and switches lives with a chaebol daughter-in-law. Honey Lee plays the dual roles of Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joo.
    2. “One the Woman” was a huge success in Korea as people were drawn to the many charms of Honey Lee. She plays the dual roles so perfectly and is able to provide humor that people are thoroughly entertained by. Her chemistry with Lee Sang Yoon is also enjoyable to watch, and the story keeps viewers wanting to know what would happen at the end! The cast is incredible and portrayed their individual characters perfectly.
  7. “Hospital Playlist 2”
    1. Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi Do star in the “Hospital Playlist” series as a group of five doctors who have been friends since medical school. The five of them all work at the same hospital, Yulje Medical Center. The story follows their friendship as well as the romance and patients that they deal with day-to-day. They also happen to form a band together.
    2. Although it is mostly set in Yulje Medial Center, the series does a great job of diving deep into the personal lives of the five main characters including the situations with their families and love lives. The drama manages to show a very natural and realistic representation of what they go through, winning the hearts of many viewers around the world. We will definitely miss this group of friends who touched our hearts and showed us what real friendship is all about.
  8. “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”
    1. Shin Min Ah plays Yoon Hye Jin, a dentist who quits her job in the city as a result of a fight she gets into with her boss. She goes to a small town to start fresh but finds herself getting into a lot of bad luck when she gets there, causing her to rely on the help of Hong Doo Shik, played by Kim Seon Ho. Doo Shik is a local resident who is technically unemployed but has a lot of odd jobs. He continually helps Hye Jin while she gets back on her feet and eventually opens up a practice in the small town.
    2. From the second Hye Jin steps off the boat and we’re introduced to Doo Shik, we’re greeted with local residents who all have a story. Through Doo Shik’s interaction with all the locals, we start to warm up to them and appreciate their individual personalities and charm. From the elderly woman who Doo Shik helps to the old ladies who laugh and make fun of Hye Jin as she’s gutting the squid, everything about it is immensely healing and uplifting. It’s definitely worth the watch, especially during this cold winter as it will warm your heart!
  9. “Law School”
    1. Starring Kim Myung Min as former prosecutor Yang Jong Hoon, “Law School” is set in the confines of the top law school in Seoul. Jong Hoon is a hard-headed and strong professor who does not care what his students think of him. Kang Sol (Ryu Hye Young) and Han Joon Hwi (Kim Bum) are first-year students with two very different backgrounds. Kang Sol is harboring a secret that may be the key to solving an unusual case that the characters are involved in.
    2. At first sight, this series seems like your conventional mystery K-drama where you are trying to figure out who is involved in the mystery. Anyone is a suspect. However, as the series progresses, there are some twists and turns that make it an exhilarating watch, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The acting by all the main cast is very impressive, and fans totally loved the chemistry between Ryu Hye Young and Kim Bum!
  10. “Yumi’s Cells”
    1. “Yumi’s Cells” is a webtoon written by Lee Dong Gun that has garnered billions of views. It was such a huge success in Korea that it was only a matter of time before they decided to turn it into a drama. Kim Go Eun plays Yumi, an ordinary girl who gives herself to everything she does but often gets hurt or taken advantage of. All she wants is to find love, and when she finds it difficult to convey her feelings to someone she likes, she becomes very self-conscious.
    2. The juxtaposition between animation and real life couldn’t have worked any better. Viewers are able to get into the minds of the characters, seeing exactly how they feel and what they are thinking in specific situations. It’s relatable and so hilarious to see the cartoon cells trying their best to work through the hardships of life. The series will tug at your heartstrings, making you feel all kinds of emotions.
  11. “D.P.”
    1. Based on a popular webtoon, “D.P.” stars Jung Hae In as Ahn Jun Ho and Goo Kyo Hwan as Han Ho Yeol. The two are responsible for finding deserters.
    2. No one could have anticipated the success of a K-drama based on soldiers fleeing the military, but the best part about this series? Seeing the chemistry between Goo Kyo Hwan and Jung Hae In. The two work so well together on the small screen, and it’s no surprise that they have confirmed a second season. This role also sparked a huge wave of fans for Goo Kyo Hwan, and he was given several awards for his memorable performance!
  12. “Dali and Cocky Prince”
    1. Starring Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, “Dali and Cocky Prince” tells the story about a man named Jin Mu Hak who is not very book smart but is able to make a lot of money. He meets Kim Dal Li (Park Gyu Young), the director of an art gallery. She loses all her assets after her father passes away and needs to find a way to keep her art gallery afloat. Jin Mu Hak lends her help but also ends up falling in love with her.
    2. “Dali and Cocky Prince” is a sweet love story that will have you smiling from beginning to end. The cutest part about the series is seeing Mu Hak fall for the adorable Dal Li and seeing him wear his heart on his sleeve for her. His affection for her is so obvious, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. You’ll also appreciate the healing aspect of the series as you see Dal Li go from living a very comfortable life, to hitting rock bottom, to finding herself again. It’s a series that is perfect to watch if you’re looking for something mellow and cute!

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12 Places in a Car that Also Needs to be Cleaned


Source: 20 GENIUS Car Cleaning Hacks

  1. Behind the Fuel Filler Cap
    1. We get that the space behind the fuel filler cap is easy to forget when cleaning your car, but if you want all-round results, be sure to get in there and clean it up. This small area can collect a surprising amount of dust and muck, and keeping it clean will reduce the likelihood of getting dirt in the fuel tank, or it dripping down the outside of your car when it rains.
    2. Go easy when cleaning behind your car’s fuel filler cap; we wouldn’t use a pressure washer. Instead, a sponge or soft-bristled brush should do the trick. Just make sure you clean it before doing the area around it, or you risk messing up your paintwork.
  2. The Undercarriage
    1. While giving your car’s undercarriage a thorough clean can be tricky, there are a couple of reasons why it’s worth your attention. First, it’ll remove salt and deposits which cause corrosion, so it’s an essential maintenance tip in wet, wintry weather. Second, it’ll help you spot issues under your car, so you can put them right before they become bigger problems.
    2. The best way to clean the undercarriage is with a pressure washer or hose. Aim the jet of water upwards and use a sweeping motion to give the whole base of the car a thorough clean down.
  3. Under the Spoiler
    1. If your car has a spoiler, or any other features that stand off the main bodywork, don’t forget to clean the reverse side. There’s nothing more annoying than leaving a hand car wash, only to find that they’ve forgotten to clean behind the spoiler – so don’t make the same mistake.
    2. When washing your car, start from the top and work downwards. That way, when you clean areas like the spoiler, the dirty water won’t ruin the area you’ve already done.
  4. The Space Beneath the Front Windscreen Wiper
    1. Your car’s washed, polished and waxed, but then you see it: a line of dirt beneath the front windscreen wiper. It’s easy to forget this small area, which is why it’s always best to raise the wipers when cleaning your car.
    2. The area between the wipers and the bonnet can collect a surprising amount of dirt and grime, so you may need to give it an intensive clean with a pressure washer. Raise the wiper arms to blast away any residual muck; don’t worry, spraying water here won’t damage the engine.
  5. The Engine
    1. Ask most people what areas of their car they clean, and nine times out of 10 they’d say the paintwork and the interior. But what about the engine? Surely that deserves the same love and care as other areas of your car?
    2. Cleaning an engine might sound intimidating, but it’s easier than it sounds and could help prolong the life of your car. For a full guide on carrying out this neglected bit of car maintenance, take a look at this guide on how to clean your engine from our partner brand, Redex.
  6. The Wing Mirror Arms
    1. Distracted by your car’s shiny paintwork, overlooking the wing mirror arms is easily done. In fact, you might not notice until you’re back behind the wheel, and spot the cobwebs, grime and dust peeking out from behind the wing mirror.
    2. Cleaning the wing mirrors and mirror arms is fairly straightforward. We’d recommend folding the mirrors in and out so you can get into all those hard-to-reach areas; a soft-bristled tyre cleaning brush could help with fiddly bits.
  7. The Glovebox
    1. When was the last time you cleaned your car’s glovebox? For many, we’d say never. These storage bins have a tendency to become a bit of a dumping ground, whether it’s loose bits of paper and receipts, or full-on litter, like takeaway food wrappers.
    2. Your glovebox deserves to be kept clean, tidy and organised, so make sure you tackle it along with the rest of the interior. Disposable dashboard cleaning wipes are great for giving your car’s storage areas a quick once-over.
  8. The Seat Crevices
    1. Car seats, both in the front and back, have a tendency to collect crumbs, dust and dirt around their edges, where the fabric meets the frame. These hard-to-reach areas can make it tricky to keep your seats looking clean, and the dirt they collect can cause bad odours over time.
    2. When vacuuming your car’s seats, we’d recommend using a soft brush tool for the main upright and seat, before switching to a narrow crevice tool to get in the gaps at the side. Go easy here, as you don’t want to scratch the frame.
  9. The Side Door Pockets
    1. As with the glovebox, side door pockets are often neglected when it comes to the big interior clean. Granted, these areas can be difficult to get into, but they can harbour all sorts of germs and bacteria, not to mention sticky spots from endless coffee and drink spills.
    2. If you struggle to give your car’s side storage pockets a deep clean, we’d recommend Simoniz Dash Cleaner. Not only will it remove stains and dirt, but the foam action means it’s great for getting into difficult areas.
    3. Also remember, any crevices like this will get filled with dirt, so check areas like cup holders too.
  10. The Carpet Beneath the Seats
    1. Few people enjoy vacuuming their car. But if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
    2. When it comes to keeping your car’s carpets clean and free from dirt and bits, don’t forget to do the areas beneath the seats. You’d be surprised how much muck these spaces can accumulate, so make sure you move the front seats backwards and forwards to hoover up every trace of dust, lint and dirt that’s found a home beneath the seats.  Top tip – lift the car mats up to clean underneath, AND don’t forget underneath the pedals.
  11. Under the Boot Floor
    1. Cleaning out a car boot is easy, but when was the last time you looked under the boot floor? Usually containing not much other than a spare wheel or puncture repair kit, this area is easy to neglect, but the dirt is collects could lead to bad odours in the cabin – especially if your dog is a regular passenger in the boot.
    2. The good news is a lot of cars have a fully-removable boot lining, so not only can you access the lower portion of the boot easily, but it also makes vacuuming the lining a doddle. When cleaning the space beneath the boot floor, be careful that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t rub against the paintwork.
  12. The Rear Windows
    1. While most of us like to clean the inside of our windscreens and front windows for visibility reasons, the rear interior glass can go a long time without seeing a cloth and some cleaning spray. To maintain safe all-round visibility, however, you should make an effort to clean all the windows regularly. Even on the rear windows, streaks, marks and fingerprints can cause dangerous sun dazzle, impacting your day-to-day driving. If you have a touch screen display on your dashboard this can also get dusty and smeared with fingerprints, so it’s an important place to clean too.
    2. Cleaning interior glass is easy. You’ll need a microfibre cloth and a glass cleaning spray. Spray two to three bursts of the cleaner directly onto the cloth (not the glass) before using a circular motion to give the glass a deep, sparkling clean.