Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top 12 Movies For Mother's Day 2015

  1. Juno - Ellen Page’s wise-cracking teen gets a handle on a surprise pregnancy in this indie box-office smash also starring Jennifer Garner.
  2. Secrets & Lies - Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays a black daughter who traces her white birth mum (Brenda Blethynn) in Mike Leigh’s funny, dysfunctional family portrait.
  3. Imitation of Life - Old-school weepie with Lana Turner and Juanita Moore as the black maid whose daughter rejects her to pass for white.
  4. Terms of Endearment - Debbie Winger and Shirley Maclaine star in the ultimate mother-daughter struggle in this classic ’80s tearjerker.
  5. Eve’s Bayou - This sensuous gothic tale is about fathers and daughters but don’t miss Lynn Whitfield’s stunning turn as the betrayed mother.
  6. Almost Famous - Frances McDormand’s straight-shooting mum puts the fear of God into the rock stars leading her son astray.
  7. Volver - Pedro Almodovar’s haunting tale features Penelope Cruz as one hot mama embroiled in a family mystery.
  8. The Incredibles - Holly Hunter’s super-flexible heroine raises three kids, rescues her hubby and kicks major butt.
  9. Sherry Baby - Maggie Gyllenhall gives it her all as a recovering addict trying to reclaim her life and her daughter.
  10. Knocked Up - A hilarious take on accidental motherhood with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen as co-parents on a very bumpy ride.
  11. Hideous Kinky - Kate Winslet shines as the freewheeling mum who seeks personal fulfillment, often at her daughters’ cost.
  12. Central Station - A motherless boy finds companionship with a lonely old woman in this poignant road movie.


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