Tuesday, July 25, 2017

12 Trivia Facts About Ruben Rustia

  1. Ruben Matias Cayari is the full name of Ruben Rustia.
  2. Ruben Rustia was born on 25 July 1923 in Manila, Philippines.
  3. Ruben Rustia became a propsman in the movie Vampire Hookers  (1978).
  4. Ruben Rustia appeared on 312 movies.
  5. Ruben Rustia was a writer for 38 movies.
  6. Ruben Rustia was a second unit director or assistant director for 6 films.
  7. Ruben Rustia directed two movies, Captain Barbell kontra Captain Bakal (1965) and Magda Sales  (1964).
  8. Ruben Rustia was nominated for a FAMAS Best Supporting Actor award for six times -- 1962 Alaala kita (1961), 1963 Kapag buhay ang inutang (1962), 1971 Psycho Sex Killer (1970), 1973 Kill the Pushers (1972), 1974 Tanikalang dugo (1973), and 1975 Fe, Esperanza, Caridad (1974).
  9. Ruben Rustia was nominated for a FAMAS Best Actor Award for the movie Haring tulisan (1956). 
  10. Ruben Rustia was also nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award at the Gawad Urian Awards in 1992 for the movie Pepeng Shotgun (1981). 
  11. Ruben Rustia won the 1955 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor award for the movie Pedro Penduko (1954). 
  12. Ruben Rustia died on 7 April 1994 in Manila  at the age of 70  due to diabetes.


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