Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Days Before Christmas 2014

And what happened today, 13 December 2014...
  1. Final examination on CMSC201 (Discrete Mathematics) at UP Baguio.
  2. Walked up to Burnham park, withdrew money and walked back to Harrison road and deposited money for savings.
  3. Bought four hardbound books at Booksale wherein we had 5% discount on items we purchased because the clerk informed us that 5% discount can be availed for a total cost of 1,000 pesos.
  4. Bought additional gifts to avoid Christmas holiday rush next week.
  5. Bought RJ acrylic epoxy spray paint colored signal red at Ace Hardware.
  6. Had a post-monthsary lunch date with Love at Pizza Hut Session road and tried out their new Cheesy Pockets pizza.
  7. Took home two Dairy Queen Blizzard ice creams for dessert and a box of Dilly Bar chocolate
  8. Slept for almost two hours.
  9. Love, gift wrapped additional gifts.
  10. Had two boiled corns, Auntie Anne's pretzel and Kalinga brewed coffee for dinner.
  11. Watched movies while browsing the internet.
  12. Registered at to get the limited free SimCity 2000 PC game.

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