Friday, June 20, 2014

Administrative Officer Exam of DOH

I took the Administrative Officer exam at DOH and these are some of the items I remembered during the untimed exam. I only remembered keywords and I believe you are either a former Administrative Officer with sufficient development trainings or an "insider" who knows the ins and outs of the agency in order to pass with flying colors.

I do not have any idea if these are the same set of questions given before for previous applicants but this is an essay-type of written exam with 18 items of different points for a total of 100 points as perfect score.
  • Part I
  1. Vision and Mission
  2. What is "Kalusugan Pangkalahatan" and its goals
  3. What can you contribute for the thrust, goals and objectives
  4. Government employees' values adopted by Department of Health
  5. How can you apply customer focus as an Administrative Officer IV?
  6. Value of professionalism
  7. E-government and examples
  8. Matching type, 5 items but I only remembered RA 7305 and RA 6713
  • Part II
  1. What is Office Administration? What is an Administrative Officer? Functions of Administrative Officer IV? Customers of Administrative Officer IV in the Department of Health?
  2. Explain PDCA Cycle of Management and Management Tools for planning, implementation & monitoring. No Gantt Chart to be use.
  3. Examples of grave offenses and less grave offenses
  4. Processes of Management Support Division

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