Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ikkyo's 1st Year Milestones

It's been a year already since we have Ikkyo, our heterochromic Siberian Husky. To celebrate his first year with us, we posted here 12 selected pictures from so many choices.

  • Ikkyo at 1 month - poses without minding his dry and frizzy fur.
  •  Ikkyo's 2nd month - first taste of Orijen.
  •  Ikkyo's 3rd month - posing and guarding the front door.
  •  Ikkyo's 4th month - first big bone and a large bowl of water.
  •   Ikkyo's 5th month - eating one of his favorite food, "carrot".
  •  Ikkyo's 6th month - close encounter of the "same" kind... (these malamutes were present during the PMA Silent Drill in Burnham Park)
  •  Ikkyo's 7th month - blissfully sleeping under the bed.
  •  Ikkyo's 8th month - appreciating his favorite cymbidium orchids "cymbi"
  •   Ikkyo's 9th month - this is his favorite pose and one of his best shot.
  •  Ikkyo's 10th month - fight or play? "dingding" the snake vs Ikkyo the husky.
  •  Ikkyo's 11th month - emoting Ikkyo for the first time he got away and ran afar and "almost got lost" from us.
  •  Ikkyo's 12th month - posing with his birthday cake (Goldilocks).

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