Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to get married (legally) in Baguio City

It was our wedding day last 15 February 2016 and it is beneficial to those planning to get married in Baguio City in a civil way to read these tips when the couple opted for a civil wedding.

For both, get the following documents:
1.       CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)
There are 2 methods
a.       SM business centre
                                                               i.      Go to SM City Baguio, 2flr
                                                             ii.      Fill up the form for application of CENOMAR, write legibly
The following are the data needed:
·         Number of copies you are requesting
·         Name (maiden name if married female)
·         Sex
·         Place of birth
·         Date of birth
·         Mother’s maiden name
·         Father’s name
·         Purpose of your request
                                                            iii.      Clerk will double check data entries and will confirm verbally specially when there are unclear entries
                                                           iv.      Pay Php195.00 plus a service charge of Php20.00
                                                             v.      Claim CENOMAR after 4 working days
b.      NSO
                                                               i.      Proceed to  the NSO office located at Lower Bonifacio St
                                                             ii.      Get a number and application form from the Information desk/guard
                                                            iii.      Fill up the entries and proceed to the screener’s desk once your number is called
                                                           iv.      Pay the fee of Php 195.00
                                                             v.      Claim CENOMAR after 4 working days

2.       Proof of Age (NSO Birth Certificate or Baptismal certificate)
a.       Birth Certificate
                                                               i.      The 2 methods for acquiring for CENOMAR applies for getting a birth certificate
                                                             ii.      Fee is Php 140.00
                                                            iii.      Document is released within 2 hours or on the next working day. Other cases require a certain amount of days to claim the document
b.      Baptismal Certificate

3.       Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
You and your partner must apply for a cedula
a.       Proceed to the one-stop shop of the Baguio City Hall
b.      A small piece of paper is provided for you to write the data needed
c.       Fall in line and wait your turn (waiting time depends on the volume of applicants)
d.      Valid ID is required. Recent payslip or previous cedula may be presented for easier computation of tax to be paid.
e.       Pay the amount, affix signature and thumb mark

4.       Barangay Certification
To get married in Baguio, one of the requirements is to prove that one of the couple is a resident of Baguio
a.       Proceed to your Barangay hall and request for Barangay Certification
b.      Some barangays require a cedula while other just needs a valid ID
c.       Fees for certification may also vary in different Barangays. (Php 50.00)
d.      Form is released after 15 minutes.

5.       Pre-Marriage Counselling or Seminar on Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood
a.       Proceed to the Health Services Office at T. Alonzo St.
b.      Proceed to the cashier and pay a fee of Php 20.00 as seminar fee.
c.       Schedule of seminar is as follows:
                                                               i.      Tuesdays: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
                                                             ii.      Thursdays: 8:00 – 11:00 AM

6.       Attend the Pre-Marriage Counselling or Seminar on Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood
a.       Proceed to the PMC/ Population Office, 3rd floor of the Health Services Office at T. Alonzo St.
b.      Prepare payment receipt and CENOMAR
c.       Each couple goes through a short interview to assess their family planning knowledge
d.      The couple proceeds to attend a 3-4 hour seminar. Speakers are from the civil registry office, health department, and other private organizations. 
e.      Certificate of Attendance is given at the end of the seminar.

7.       Submit requirements at the CIVIL REGISTRY Office
a.       Photocopy all requirements
b.      Proceed to CIVIL REGISTRY Office just beside Health Services Office at T. Alonzo St.
c.       Ask the information officer for a number and sign the log book
d.      Present all requirements to the Civil registry employee
e.      Once all requirements are validated, a form is provided to be filled up (3 copies)
f.        Submit the form to officer
8.       Pay MARRIAGE LICENSE fee
a.       Ask the information officer for a number
b.      Proceed to the 2nd floor of the Civil Registry Office and pay a fee of  Php 142.00
c.       Keep the receipt, as this serves as your claim stub
d.      Marriage License is released after 10 calendar days

9.       Schedule a wedding date
The following process does not really let you choose a date for your wedding. There are 2 options:
a.       City Mayor as presiding officer
                                                               i.      Proceed to the Mayor’s office located at the Baguio City Hall and inquire on the schedule. The Mayor’s office only schedules one date for marriages per month and accommodates only 15 couples.
                                                             ii.      Pay a solemnization fee of Php500.00 at the one-stop
                                                            iii.      Submit the original copy of the marriage license, names of sponsors or witnesses and the solemnization fee receipt.

b.      Judge assigned by Regional Trial Court
                                                              i.      Proceed to the RTC office located at the Justice hall just near Baguio City Hall
                                                            ii.      Provide the following requirements:
·         Marriage license
·         NSO Birth certificate
·         CENOMAR
·         Barangay clearance
·         CEDULA
                                                          iii.      Pay a solemnization fee of Php 800.00 at the one-stop shop
                                                           iv.      Wait for your schedule to be announced. Schedules and presiding judge will be raffled every Thursday.
                                                             v.      Visit the RTC Thursday afternoon or Friday to inquire on the date assigned for you and your partner

10.   Attend the ceremony
a.       Be on-time or even 30 minutes earlier.
b.      Check the marriage certificate, ensure that the names and dates are correct
c.       Have fun and enjoy the ceremony!

11.   Submit _ City Hall personnel will be submitting the signed marriage certificates to the Civil Registry Office
12.   Wait for 6 months for the official NSO marriage certificate 

REITERATION, in simple words:
for both parties:
  1. get a CENOMAR
  2. get a BARANGAY CERTIFICATION which can be applied by either one but one should be residing here in Baguio City
  4. get a cedula for you and your partner
  5. pay 20 pesos for the required, mandatory and compulsory "pre-marriage counselling" conducted at the Baguio City Health Services Office
  6. attend the seminar which is held every Tuesday 1-4 or Thursday 9-12
  9. proceed to the CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE and submit all the requirements AND fill up all forms in three copies
  10. pay marriage license fee and after 10 calendar days, the marriage licence will be ready
  11. proceed to City Hall and inquire for the schedule of the City Mayor. AND PAY FOR THE SOLEMNIZATION FEE OF 500 PESOS if there is no more available schedule, then
  12. proceed to JUSTICE HALL and inquire for the schedule of the RTC AND PAY FOR THE SOLEMNIZATION FEE OF 800 PESOS