Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pieces of my new folding bike

  1. I bought this bike last February 27 from a known online shopping site that offers a wide array of items and I paid using my credit card.
  2. For convenience sake and to avoid the hassle of choosing from high-priced bicycles in Baguio City, I chose to just buy online and thankfully, I received this folding bike last March 7. It was already half-assembled and folded when I opened it and tried to test it. It was deflated so I still need to buy a bike pump.
  3. For fitness reasons, I bought it so that I can use it to practice initially for my goal of joining a duathlon this year.
  4. For practicality purposes, I bought it so that I can use it as my ride going to work because the level of traffic which affects the arrival of jeepneys in our area are getting worse. The university near us should not only think of earning but at least, in a way, assist in helping the community by letting some of their school services pick up and drop off college students to town between 7AM and 9AM because most of the passengers are their students.
  5. For financial reasons, I bought it because it was within my budget of below 10,000 pesos and it has also a discounted price. It was originally priced at 9,600 pesos and I only paid 5,220.00 for it because of the additional discount of 10% which was the payday promo of the online shopping site. 
  6. For romantic persuasion, I bought is so that my Love will be able to learn how to ride a bike.
  7. I also consider it not as an expense but an investment physically and financially.
  8. For security reasons, it can not be stolen easily because it is compact enough that I can put it inside our office.
  9. For environmental-friendliness, I can help promote a Clean and Green environment because there are no carbon dioxides produce when biking.
  10. For multimodality, I can bring it during long travels like riding a train in Manila or traveling by airplane for a long vacation.
  11. As a DIYer, I am also able to use my open wrench set and Allen keys set for assembly and for maintenance purposes.
  12. Mars, which is the name of my bike, is also known as "Mars Kingdom MKFL-20 Freestyle Folding Bike (Black)" and I have not use it entirely and now, three days after, it has broken pieces already due to our Siberian Husky, Ikkyo, wrecking its pedal part. Still, praise Heavens above, because he did not wrecked the whole bike. Also the cost of the bike is cheap and if it was worth 20,000 pesos or above, it will be really hard to accept.

Foldable bikes offer five primary advantages over conventional machines:
  • Free and unrestricted carriage on public transport
  • Relatively thief proof
  • Space-saving at home and elsewhere
  • urban multi-modal travel (such as rail/folding bike) is usually cheaper than using a car
  • High resale value


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