Tuesday, July 12, 2022

12 Actions You Do When You Finally Get Infected with Covid-19


12 Actions You Do When You Finally Get Infected with Covid-19 

Jerome Espinosa Baladad (author and brother)

I am sharing what I did when I was infected with the Covid-19 virus. Keep in mind, that there are already many viruses called “Covid” and we are not much bothered with infections from them. It is the Covid-19 virus and its transformations that give those of us who were infected by the horrible experiences we probably have heard about from others. The experience will be different for each person.

  1. Be thankful you’re vaccinated and boosted. That is if you really are. Or else, the next step is to PRAY that you survive it if you’re not vaccinated. I know at least two who were infected, one even 3x already, and yet, they won’t choose to be vaccinated. No matter what.
  2. Take plenty of liquids, water works best. I took plenty of water all day long, I had to deal with going to the bathroom constantly to pee, though.
  3. Take Tylenol, which I did to manage my extreme headaches from the virus. They’re not the same as my headaches due to my eye troubles. I didn’t have fevers but the headaches were so bad. The Tylenol would work to a certain extent. But there were still fleeting headaches in the background. And I would forget the most usual things I would do when I wasn’t sick yet. It feels like you’re brain was getting roasted.
  4. Be ready to use plenty of boxes of tissues to clean all the liquids from your nose. I had a bad case of cold when infected with the virus. I would also cough a lot, I thought my mouth was so ready to give up.
  5. Open room windows and allow fresh air to circulate. Much of the virus is really airborne, which apparently we admitted only lately, and so helps the viruses go away from where you are located.
  6. Minimize panic among your network of contacts. Don’t announce it to everyone. They don’t wanna know about your infection. But do reach out to those others whom you engaged with physically. They have to be aware they may have been infected. Even if they are not exhibiting symptoms.
  7. Eat well and rest well. Although both can be a struggle, realistically speaking. Just try to sleep more. The relief you will have will sustain you for the next few days.
  8. Count the days you’re actually infected. Mine was 5 days. I was actually exhibiting the symptoms by day 5 after I was told by my friend who informed me he was infected and that he suspected he must have infected me too.
  9. Choose and decide if you want to verify if you’re really infected. This depends on your location. If you’re able to get tested, then you’re in luck. I did and was able to get results in less than 48 hours via online means.
  10. Avoid feelings of despair. It could be worse, for all you know. I even went out to eat my favourite foods after I was told by my sick friend that he probably infected me with the virus.
  11. Wear your mask when you are with groups and crowds, use a fresh one every time. I had to take the subway and would wear my mask that would cover my mouth and nose.
  12. Be open to learning more about this disease. It may become endemic, who knows? I did, mostly by reading materials from specialists. Don’t take my word on this but it will be on you if you stop learning more deeply about it. It’s a really terrible inconvenience. We know it’s worst, especially for those with other diseases.

Hope this gives some value out there. Thank you.

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