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12 Types of Procrastinators

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Procrastinate - to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc. (Merriam-Webster definition)

Procrastination - the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time (The Free Dictionary Thesaurus definition)

And the 12 Top Highest-Rated Definition of Procrastination from Urban Dictionary (NOTE: Likes and Dislikes as of today, 14 May 2014)
  1. I'll put up a definition later. Ill put up an example later. 6816 Likes 427 Dislikes
  2. A similar experience to m@sturb@tion, it feels good while you're doing it, but it sucks afterwards when you realize that you just fu cked yourself.  5010 Likes 561 Dislikes
  3. What you're probably doing right now I meant to do my paper, but went procrastinating at urbandictionary instead  3876 Likes 77 Dislikes
  4. Avoiding doing something for as long as possible, sometimes not doing it at all. I have not yet begun to procrastinate. 1178 Likes 295 Dislikes
  5. The reason that many intelligent children fail to make it into a (good) college. Kevin: Actually, I'm not stupid at all. I just have an awful tendency to procrastinate. Diggity Monkeez: Oh. And to think that for all these years I had assumed that you were stupid. 856 Likes 208 Dislikes
  6. Waiting till the last minute to get something done. "I procrastinated on my English paper by starting in the night before it was due and got a zero." 614 Likes 187 Dislikes
  7. Establishing an environment in which the creative juices can flow. My best work is always done at the last minute, whether it be working on a project or studying for a test. I just take my time, and the ideas begin to flow. 559 Likes 215 Dislikes
  8. If you are on, you probably are already doing this. It means you are putting something off until the last possible second (by doing pointless things in most people's cases). He is awesome at procrastination: the day before a big project was due, he watched 6 t.v. shows, took a really long shower (a.k.a. a procrastishower), and didn't start his project until 3 a.m. 339 Likes 72 Dislikes
  9. I give up.
    I stay awake till 5:27 AM trying to finish some stupid History movie review, and i just end up wasting a good 8 hours browsing Urban Dictionary and talking to myself. From now on im gona accept that im incapable of doing homework and use my time on other things such as homework or msn, or URBAN DICTIONARY.
    Thats procastination for ya. Im not even gona try to do homework at home. Only at about 6:00 AM do i work efficiantly or in lunch during shcool.
    329 Likes 64 Dislikes
  10. Get back to work. No, seriously. Get back to work. Now. You're procrastinating. I know it. You looked on the definition of 'Procrastination'. You must be doing it. Go. NOW. 308 Likes 44 Dislikes
  11. The driving force behind writing a research paper. I procrastinated too long, and now the paper is due tomorrow! I haven't even started on it yet!! *starts writing nonstop* Procrastination brings about the most busy day of your live eventually if you keep doing it. 201 Likes 32 Dislikes
  12. Things i have done while procrastinating
    1. Taken really good shits (when i felt like it)
    2. Fu cked many hot women (while sleeping)
    3. Learned that Cattle are the only animal that pees backwards (From some obscure website)
    4.Blown many a load
    5. Pwned many a n00b in C&C Generals
    6. Learned Stairway to Heaven (plus solo)
    7. Eaten many a hot pockets
    8. Listened to Hotel California over and over and over...... What great things we have accomplished from procrastination.
    242 Likes 112 Dislikes

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