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Jose Abad Santos Day in Angeles City and Pampanga

Jose Abad Santos y Basco, May 7
  • May 7 is declared by the Philippine Congress on August 21, 2000 under Republic Act 8815 as a special nonworking holiday in the province of Pampanga and also in Angeles City.
  • Jose Abad Santos was born on 19 February 1886 in San Fernando, Pampanga
  • He was the son of Vicente Abad Santos and Toribia Basco.
  • He was married to Amanda Teopaco and their children were Jose, Osmundo, Luz, Amanda and Victoria.
  • He studied in the school of Don Felix Dizon during his elementary days.
  • He studied at Santa Clara College as a pensionado in California where he finished his secondary years.
  • He started his college years at the University of Illinois and later on finished his Bachelor of Laws degree at the Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.
  • He finished his Master of Laws degree on 19 June 1909 at the George Washington University.
  • He became the 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines on 24 December 1941.
  • He was appointed "caretaker" of the Philippines on 17 March 1942 by former President Manuel L. Quezon who went on self-exile in the United States.
  • He was captured on 11 April 1942 in Cebu and was put to execution for defying the Japanese and unwillingness to cooperate with them.
  • The date of his execution is often reported as May 7, but as former Supreme Court Justice Ramón C. Aquino, Abad Santos' biographer put it, "This (May 7) was the date given by Pepito himself during his testimony at the trials of Generals Yoshihide Hayashi and Kiyotake Kawaguchi. But on the basis of the testimony of Keiji Fukui, the interpreter during Abad Santos's confinement, supported by notations in his diary, the date of Abad Santos' execution was definitely ascertained to be at two o'clock on the afternoon of May 2, 1942." (wikipedia

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The execution of Jose Abad Santos
Jose Abad Santos ( 1862 - 1942 )
Jose Abad Santos
May 7 a non-working day in Pampanga, Angeles
Jose Abad Santos Day in Pampanga – May 7, 2014
Capitol to honor Jose Abad Santos
Republic Act No. 8815

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