Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ilo Ilo

  1. The movie Ilo Ilo translated into Chinese is 爸妈不在家
  2. The movie is different from the province of Iloilo in the Philippines. (Although, it was the province where Auntie Terry, the nanny, came from and one of the few things Director Chen remembered about her)
  3. Ilo Ilo is a Singaporean movie that deals with the relationship of an Ilongga (Filipina born in Iloilo province) domestic helper along with the family she had served.
  4. The nanny in the movie was portrayed by a Filipina actress, Angeli Bayani (angelibayani blogspot), who was nominated for the Best Actress award in the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival.
  5. It was the directorial debut of Anthony Chen.
  6. It also starred Yann Yann Yeo or Yeo Yann YannTian Wen Chen or Chen Tianwen, and Jialer Koh or Koh Jia Ler.
  7. It was inspired from the real life 8-year working relationship of Teresita Sajonia with the Chen family in which Anthony Chen was the eldest of three boys Sajonia took care of from 1988 to 1997.
  8. The setting of the movie was during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.
  9. It was partially funded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the Singapore Film Commission.
  10. It won numerous international awards including the prestigious Camera d'Or award which recognizes the best debut feature film in the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The Camera d'Or award was a first for a Singapore film to have won in a prestigious international film awarding festival.
  11. It was the movie we watched at Cinematheque Baguio for a memorable celebration of the 32nd birthday of Jen.
    Ilo Ilo at Cinematheque Baguio
  12. The official website for the movie Ilo Ilo is iloilomovie or


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Yann Yann Yeo 
Yeo Yann Yann 
Tian Wen Chen
Chen Tianwen 
Jialer Koh 
Koh Jia Ler
Camera d'Or

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