Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Print Photos on Canon iP2700 series printer

How to Print 1x1 Photos on Canon iP2700 series printer

This procedure was done using Windows XP locally connected on several printers including Canon iP2700 series.

12 Assumptions:
  • You are using Windows XP.
  • You are using the default image viewer of Windows XP. (Although other image viewer might work,too).
  • A half (1/2) A4 size paper was already loaded on the printer. (Half (1/2) A4 size paper was used so as not to waste paper and only limited number of photos were needed by the client.)
  • Canon iP2700 series was already selected.
  • Printer was on.
  • There are still available color and black ink in the printer.
  • A photo was already selected.
  • The photo was edited for a 1x1 size.
  • You can see the "Welcome to the Photo Printing Wizard window" that appeared when printer icon was clicked.
  • You clicked Next button.
  • You selected the CORRECT picture for printing.
  • You are sure it had a check mark on it. (Or it was really selected or highlighted).
12 Recommendations at the Photo Printing Wizard module:
  1. Click Printing Preferences TAB
  2. Check 2-on-1 printing
  3. Media Type should be Plain Paper
  4. Print Quality should be High
  5. Uncheck Borderless Printing, Grayscale Printing, Fast (Speed Priority)
  6. Printer Paper Size should be A4
  7. Click Main TAB
  8. Check High on Print Quality
  9. Check Auto on Color/Intensity
  10. Choose A4 on Page Size and Printer Paper Size
  11. Choose Page Layout (the icon with number 2 on it) on Page Layout and click OK button at the bottom part.
  12. Click Next and the Layout Selection module of the Photo Printing Wizard will appear and click on Full page fax print centered and rotated to fit and click Next button 
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