Sunday, May 4, 2014

PLDT Home Bro 12 Updates

This is an update in connection with the March 31 and April 5 posts regarding PLDT service about the VERY, VERY LATE DELIVERY OF THE HP LAPTOP AND HP PRINTER included in their 1799 Home Bro bundle promo.
  • 1 - The date in March 2014, during the Panagbenga festival, when I availed of the 1799 promo.
  • 1799 - The PLDT Home Bro bundle promo that comes with a laptop and printer, 799 pesos for the monthly internet fee plus 800 pesos monthly payment for the laptop and printer. A very tempting deal. BUT a very bad marketing strategy because they have not even anticipated that with this kind of promo, the devices included should have been delivered on time i.e. WITHIN 7-10 DAYS. This is where they failed. An epic fail.
  • 3 - The date in March 2014 when the internet connection was activated. After 7 or 10 days, the laptop and printer will (have been) delivered. See their FAQs.
  • 2 - The speed result in mbps when the internet was tested after it was connected. Although, when I tried using it, it became slow and intermittent.  The DSL connection here is faster than it.
  • 10 - The maximum number of working days indicated in the PLDT website that the laptop and printer will be delivered but IT DID NOT HAPPEN.
    Screenshot of FAQ #5 from PLDT Home Bro Website
  • 5 - The number of registered calls we made for the follow-ups and complaints regarding the status of the delivery of laptop and printer. These number should have been 8 times because 3 previous calls were disconnected in the middle of the conversation with the PLDT customer service reps.
  • 5@*@*7$9% - The ticket number given to me by the PLDT customer service rep when I asked for it when I heard again (for the Nth time) their resolution to refer (or escalate) the problem to their support group and I also asked if all our complaints can be seen in their system in which I also informed her that I have been in a ticketing system line of work before and I know what it meant when you escalate or forward a ticket or a problem when you can not handle it. And to think that it is also automatic that they inform their customers the Service Requests number for any requests or escalations they created.
  • 2 - The number of months before the laptop and printer was delivered.
  • 3 - The date yesterday, May 3, 2014, when I finally got the laptop and printer.
  • 5 - It was around 5PM when I received personally the laptop and printer after receiving a call from the delivery guy who turns out to be from DHL.
  • 30 - It was the date of April 2014 indicated in the DHL consignee copy which was the day the contents were shipped coming from SMART, Cainta, Rizal. It only proves that PLDT service equals PLDT delay service. Even with their billing.

  • 027712172 - The number of the person who called me awhile ago, at around 8PM, asking about the satisfaction level of my internet usage in which I categorically replied that I am not satisfied with PLDT Home Bro because of the intermittent connection. All other information regarding billing were also updated and the PLDT hotline number *1888 (for Smart and Talk N' Text subscribers) was given in case I have issues.


Brylle said...
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Brylle said...

Hi, I've read your posts about pldt plan 1799. We have the same problems. Slow internet and service sucks. My father called their csv and said the laptop will be delivered within may 11-22 which is almost a month after the activation of our internet connection (april 23). I've also read about the spiel, thanks for that. I just want to f&$*ing kill them because of their service.

How's the laptop btw? Is it good?

jeb said...

Actually, I could have posted it in the newspaper but opted to post online where everybody can read. I am really wondering why it was not featured on the primetime news considering that it's a major issue for new subscribers nationwide. Hmm.
It's a bad experience for us end-users with the kind of after-sales service they have. It's very unfortunate. The spiel was fortunately shown to me so I took a picture of it unknowingly and chose to post it here so that everybody will be aware. I am the 5th complainant during the time I personally inquired about the delivery.
Anyway, the laptop I personally received was in good condition and it had a pre-installed Ubuntu Linux system on it. I was trying to update and an Admin password was needed, that's why I knew that they were the only ones who knew the Admin password so I have to call (not again) but chose not to. I just installed Linux Mint on it because I prefer it rather than Ubuntu. You can just install Windows if you prefer it. It has an AMD Dual Core processor so it's not a high-end laptop but very useful already. Good for basic stuff. Plus the printer. I actually lost the excitement already when I got it because of the long waiting time. I did noticed the prices of the laptop and printer on the DHL consignee copy.
Hopefully you will receive your laptop and printer by that time.
Thanks for the comment!

Brylle said...

Welcome and Thanks.

The spiel that you posted is very helpful. In fact, only you posted it (from my searches). I hope others will see your blog too.

If the laptop is good for basic then, I'm happy to hear about it! I'm still a student and I need a laptop very badly (and I'm a heavy anime watcher lol). Aren't you afraid that you changed your OS? Uhm, you know, about warranty stuff?

jeb said...

Thank you for that. I just want others to be aware of the pathetic service of PLDT and at the same time vent out frustrations.
I'm a bit of a techie myself so I know what to do with my laptop. :)
Warranty? Do they have one? I was not given any warranty papers when I registered and it was not even included in the package delivered.

Brylle said...

Yes they do, I've read it somewhere in their old site. It is 1 year.

You can ask questions on their facebook page (pldt home). It is better than calling them because you can just leave a msg and check it after a few hours or so. You'll definitely receive a reply.