Saturday, May 17, 2014

32nd Birthday

  1. Drank Avocado smoothie.
  2. Checked emails.
  3. Bathe Ikkyo, our heterochromic Siberian Husky.
  4. Take out brunch at Barneys Burger.
  5. Take out milk tea at Milk Tea Republique.
  6. Watched "Ilo Ilo" movie at Cinematheque Baguio.
  7. Early dinner at the mezzanine of Yellow Cab Session.
    Yellow Cab Pizza and Charlie Chan Pasta
  8. Gave extra food to two economically challenged visually-impaired persons. (thumbs up, "its better to give than to receive")
  9. Light candles and offer prayers at the Baguio Cathedral candle prayer area.
  10. Waited in front of Sky Zone while it was raining.
    Sky Zone
  11. Attended 6PM anticipated mass at Baguio Cathedral. (Homily words from the priest which was unforgettable: "You must always be awake because you do not know when God will tell you 'this is your last supper'")
  12. Went back home and cleaned up the mess of Ikkyo (for the nth time).

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