Sunday, May 22, 2016

Malware 12 Signs

These are 12 signs that your computer and mobile phone is (or might be) infected by malware.

  1. There is a presence of ransomware which literally informs you that you have malware and they ask for a ransom reward in order for your files to be returned since they encrypted it already.
  2. The browser redirects the link you are looking for instead of the web page that it is supposed to be displaying.
  3. The home page you set is different from the home page you intended it to be displaying.
  4. There are numerous pop-ups constantly loading even if you are not online.
  5. You are experiencing a slow system while you are using your computer.
  6. There are unfamiliar icons in your desktop which are Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) that was installed when you downloaded and installed a legitimate software.
  7. Computer crashes constantly which is really very annoying especially when you are doing something in your computer.
  8. Your web browser is not responding even though you know that your wifi connection or DSL connection is stable.
  9. Most of your emails are bouncing back even though you are very sure of the correctness of the email of your recipients.
  10. You are using your mobile phone and suddenly you noticed that its battery is already draining very quickly.
  11. You are paying additional charges for your mobile phone usages even though you are not using additional mobile phone features.
  12. Your computer is acting very smoothly which is too good to be true and you might not know that your personal data have been stolen already by botnets and other forms of malware and the only solution is to constantly and regularly check your computer by using an anti-malware security programs.


This is a post based on an article by Wendy Zamora entitled How to tell if you're infected by malware

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