Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12 Ways For A Real Vacation Break

April is Summer Time! and Summer Time is Vacation Time! and Vacation Time is Long Break! This is a time to rest, relax and somehow free our mind from the daily stress we encounter. There are some ways to take a real vacation and you can read it all in this post.

  1. Make rest, relaxation and retreat your priorities. Do not think of vacation as a time to buy souvenirs or shopping for gifts. The point of vacation is to rest, relax and retreat from the hustle-bustle.
  2. Avoid tight vacation schedules, or outings too loaded with so many things to do. Do not pressure yourself from the tight vacation schedules because it will definitely spoil the fun.
  3. Break your routine. Try to be spontaneous by trying out new things which leads to new experiences which can bring a new outlook in your life.
  4. Don't forget your family. Make your family a part of your vacation by giving them full attention they also deserve.
  5. Don't always equate vacation with visiting relatives in the province. Visiting relatives is entirely different from spending your time with your relatives.
  6. Consider everyone's needs and get everyone involved in the planning. What your spouse or partner want may not be what you want. Be considerate of each other.
  7. Pack ahead. There is a saying that "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Plan ahead to be able to depart rested and optimistic.
  8. Say "no" to work. Avoid bringing your work with you while you are on vacation.
  9. Get back to basics. Try to rediscover the simple things in life. Taking a quiet picnic at the park or walking along the seashore or watching the sunset is appreciating the simple things in life. It also makes you closer to nature and appreciate nature's beauty.
  10. Be realistic. Even if you plan everything and all is in place already, there will be a moment when a little diversion from what you plan will happen. Mistakes happen. Additional expenses will be made out of your budget. Be prepared to accept such realities.
  11. Spend some time alone. Spending some time alone is a good time to remind yourself about your goals and what you need to do to attain them.
  12. You can spend vacation at home. Spending vacation does not really mean you need to spend it at the beach or hike in the mountains or any other activities outside your own home. It does not have to be that way. It is also more relaxing to stay at home because you do not need to worry about the exhausting travel, the confusing preparations and other out-of-town worrying which can make you uneasy. You can have all your time at home and do wonderful activities. It can also be a perfect and sweet moment which can be more meaningful for you and your family. Plus, it does not cost you more than what you can spend outside your home.

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