Friday, April 25, 2014

Microsoft-Nokia Done Deal, 25 April 2014

  • Nokia was founded in 1898 by Eduard Polon (1861-1930)  who was a Finnish business leader and became the founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board and the largest shareholder of the Finnish Gummitehdas ("Rubberfactory") and it was co-founded by Fredrik Idestam (1838-1916) and Leo Mechelin (1839-1914) and Nokia's name came from the town where Polon's factories were based to differentiate his products from Russian competitors.
  • Nokia's predecessors were the Nokia Company (Nokia Aktiebolag), Finnish Rubber Works Ltd (Suomen Gummitehdas Oy) and Finnish Cable Works Ltd (Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy) and were merged in 1967 forming a new industrial conglomerate named Nokia Corporation. 
  • Nokia Corporation's first president was Bjorn Westerlund (1912-2009) who was also the president of Finnish Cable Works and was responsible for setting up the company's first electronics department in 1960 which leads to the development of Nokia's future in telecommunications. 
  • Nokia is a public limited liability company and is the oldest company listed under the same name on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, beginning in 1915 and it has had a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange since 1994. 
  • Nokia was the first proponent of a Top Level Domain (TLD) specifically for the Mobile Web and was instrumental in the launch of the .mobi domain name extension in September 2006 as an official backer.
  • Nokia introduced in 1987 one of the world's first handheld phones which was the Mobira Cityman 900 for NMT-900 networks which was a product from the the company's telecommunications branch named Nokia-Mobira Oy after Nokia bought Salora Oy in 1984 which became Nokia Mobile Phones in 1989. 
  • Nokia was a key developer of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), the second-generation mobile technology that could carry data as well as voice traffic and in 1992, the first GSM phone, the Nokia 1011 was launced with the model number referring to the launch date of 10 November. 
  • Nokia was also involved in the production of personal computers in the 1980s with Nokia's computer division, Nokia Data, with MikroMikko as Nokia Data's attempt to enter the business computer market but Nokia's personal computer division was sold to the British ICL (International Computers Limited) in 1991, which later became part of Fujitsu and the latter marketed it internationally as ErgoPro and Nokia re-entered the PC market in August 2009 with the introduction of the Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop. 
  • Nokia was also involved in producing high quality CRT and early TFT LCD displays for PC and larger systems applications but the Nokia Display Products's branded business was sold to ViewSonic in 2000. 
  • Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia's mobile device business on September 2, 2013 in a deal worth 3.79bn Euros and another 1.65bn Euros to license Nokia's portfolio of patents for 10 years and finalized on April 25, 2014 marking the day that Microsoft officially acquired Nokia. 
  • Part of the Microsoft and Nokia deal involves Microsoft managing the domain and social media sites for a minimum of one year and part of the original deals were Microsoft having 21 employees in China that will be involved in mobile phones and Microsoft will not be acquiring Nokia's Korean manufacturing facility.
  • Microsoft Mobile Oy will be the new name of Nokia's phone unit Nokia Oyj.
Microsoft Mobile Oy


Microsoft Mobile Oy 

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