Saturday, June 7, 2014

Memories of Basilan

Kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures, Keep nothing but memories.
Not everybody has a chance to travel and visit the province of Basilan in the southern coast of Zamboanga.

These are just some of the collection of memories in Basilan from the selection of many kept photos of 2009.
  • After a short ride from Zamboanga airport then straight to the Island of Basilan via speedboat - an exhilarating start of an adventure.
our mode of transportation
  • Military checkpoints are prevalent in the area, an oft sight in our travels... so are the warm and generous smiles from the locals! 
overloaded jeepney passing through a checkpoint
  • One of the many brave men defending the country. Our gratitude to all the heroes in this island.
welcome to Basilan, sir
  • Amidst the chaos in this land is the simple array of nature, a reminder of peace and harmony. 
even the trees fall in line
  • A hidden beauty... the feel of flowing water washes all the worries 
what's down there?
  • It took us a long bumpy ride and a boat ride to get here... IT WAS WORTH IT!
beautiful, lovely n
  • For a moment I forgot the alarming news and how terrifying the island is. What is there to be terrified about?
there's something out there
  • This is nothing compared to Boracay - this is more and not too many people get to experience the beauty of Basilan.
afternoon beachview
  • If only everywhere in this island is this peaceful and serene, then everyone can enjoy this amazing beach.
sunrise or sunset ???
  • Almost time to leave, another stroll just to savor the beauty of the place. 
time to go...
  • At that time, this fastfood chain was new in this area. Same logo, same name... yet something is different!
yes, there is Jollibee in Basilan
  • In Zamboanga...pondering of when I'll get the chance to visit the Island of Basilan again. The memories are made sweeter by the wonderful people who made it possible. Thanks... to all of you and hoping to see you all again!

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