Thursday, July 24, 2014

12 Things About Diabetes Awareness Week


  1. Philippine Diabetes Awareness Week was signed as Proclamation 213 by former president Fidel V. Ramos in 1993.
  2. Diabetes Awareness Week is held every 4th week of July.
  3. First (1st) objective is to promote awareness of diabetes through early detection and through educational programs.
  4. Second (2nd) objective is to prevent the onset and progression of complication through promotion of healthy lifestyle and mass screening program.
  5. The Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation, Inc, has spearheaded the campaign to increase public awareness of Diabetes and its many complications.
  6. Based on studies, frequent consumption of brown rice may reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease and stroke. Cancer and diabetes may also be diminished by eating brown rice.
  7. Diabetes, a disease associated with high sugar levels in the body, is usually diagnosed among obese people, those with improper diet and sedentary lifestyle.
  8. Individuals with family history of diabetes mellitus (DM), heart diseases, hypertension and high levels of uric acid and lipids are in the high-risk groups. 
  9. People in highly stressed conditions are also included in risk groups.
  10. Prevention and control of diabetes includes reduction of intake of sweets, fatty and salty foods; having a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen; maintenance of normal body weight; limited intake of alcohol, and quitting smoking (if a smoker); occasional relaxation; and avoidance of stressful situations.
  11. Diabetes, however, is not readily diagnosed and is determined by a thorough blood examination. No cure is known and therapy would be necessary for the rest of the patient's life.
  12. Although, the Philippines has its own Diabetes Awareness Week celebration; in keeping with the IDF, The Diabetes Philippines celebrates World Diabetes Day each year.  It is celebrated simultaneously in nationwide events through Diabetes Philippines Chapters.

DOH Annual Calendar July 2014 4th week - National Diabetes Awareness Week
Diabetes Week
National Diabetes Week 2014
Diabetes Awareness Week highlights brown rice
Philippine Diabetes Awareness Week
Today in Philippine History, July 22, 1993, the last week of July of each year was designated as Diabetes Awareness Week 
Diabetes Philippines
Proclamation No. 213, s. 1993
Official Calendar
Natl Diabetes Awareness Week
Every 4th Week of July is National Diabetes Awareness Week! PROCLAMATION NO. 213

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