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July 16, 1990 Earthquake

24 years ago ...
  1. ... one of the most memorable earthquake that devastated many lives and properties struck the Philippines.  
  2. 07/16/1990 was the date that an earthquake occurred in Luzon, Philippines and
  3. 4:26 PM was the exact time that the earthquake happened.
  4. 45 seconds was the recorded duration of the earthquake.
  5. 7.8 was the recorded magnitude of the earthquake.
  6. 15° 42' N and 121° 7' E was the epicenter of the earthquake which is near the town of Rizal, Nueva Ecija.
  7. 5-star Hyatt Terraces Hotel was the worst damage building in Baguio City.
  8. 48 was the number of hours after the earthquake when Baguio City was isolated from the rest of the Philippines due to the shutdown of major vehicular routes such as Kennon Road, Naguilian Road and Marcos Highway which took three days to be cleared from debris caused by landslides.
  9. 11 days was the number of days that Luisa Mallorca and Arnel Calabia struggled to survive in part by drinking their own urine while they were under rubble of the collapsed Hyatt Terraces Hotel in South Drive, Baguio City.
  10. 14 days was cited as a world record for entombment underneath rubble which happened to hotel cook Pedrito Dy who survived by drinking rainwater and who was recovered alive from the collapsed Hyatt Terraces Hotel.
  11. 20 was the age of the high school student named Robin Garcia who was credited with rescuing at least eight students and teachers by twice returning under the rubble of the Christian Colleges of the Philippines (CCP) to retrieve survivors but was killed by an aftershock hours after the quake while trying to rescue more survivors, and he received several posthumous tributes, including medal of honor from the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and President Corazon Aquino's Grieving Heart Award for his heroic effort in Cabanatuan City.
  12. 8 and 10 were our age during the time that this disastrous event happened and we were still strangers, then ...
"In front of the house" taken from the personal photo album.


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