Friday, August 25, 2017

12 Tips on Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the common trends today. Due to technological demands, buyers and sellers are finding ways to shop and sell conveniently, efficiently and effectively. Here are 12 tips on buying online or shopping online.

  1. Choose your online merchant wisely by reading reviews about the trending online merchants.
  2. There are numerous group buying sites out there providing affordable items and services and you should verify their history or important details before joining them.
  3. Use your credit card wisely by considering some perks or offers provided by the banks.
  4. Buy in bulks so that it will save you more in the delivery charges.
  5. Not all items less than 500 pesos are actually cheap, most of these items have additional 99 pesos delivery charges depending on your area and this is based on personal experience.
  6. Price comparison is necessary since there are many sellers that will usually sell the same item with different pricing levels.
  7. Not all pictures or photos of the item(s) posted is/are necessary good items and you should check out the quality of the item by reading reviews and scrutinizing posted items very well to avoid headaches in the end.
  8. Look out for vouchers and coupons and codes that you can see once in a while on different sites and advertisements because these can lessen the amount that you will pay upon purchasing items or services.
  9. Do not be a compulsive buyer  by learning to resist temptation to buy things you really do not need.
  10. Timing your online buying is necessary since an item that you want to buy today can become more affordable the next day or in the next week.
  11. Do not refresh or click the back button of your internet browsers when you are already checking out especially when you are using your credit card for payment to avoid hassles if there are any glitches or unavoidable internet connectivity issues.
  12. Provide feedback by writing product and service reviews on any items and services you have purchased online so that you can help other consumers like you in choosing efficient services, effective products and convenient online stores.

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