Saturday, August 5, 2017

12 Ways To Use WD-40 Around The Home

  1. The most common use for WD-40 is to use it to stop hinges from being squeaky. 
  2. Remove crayon from the walls.
  3. Sticker residue is the worst. 
  4. If you have glass shower doors, you must know the struggle of keeping them free of water spots.
  5. Remove stuck rings. 
  6. Remove stubborn coffee and tea stains from your countertops
  7. A pair of scissors that jam or are hard to operate can totally ruin your projects or crafts.
  8. Prevent snow buildup on windows.
  9. Easily clean off chewing gum from your shoes. 
  10. Waterproof your shoes
  11. Clean your toilet 
  12. Remove scuff marks

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